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Hills, hills, hills – 4 miles in 33.25 doing hill intervals – feel surprisingly good

So first hill training session in quite some time – I was kind of dreading it actually but in the end it felt pretty good.  It was nice to push!

The treadmill hill interval program only runs 30 minutes so I did that and hit 3.6 miles in a half hour and then I restarted and did another 0.4 miles in 3.25 minutes to round out to 4 miles total.  I think now that I have gotten over my dread of the hills I should be able to push harder on my next hill set next Thursday.

Weight was down to 217.5 this morning – 218.5 after the run this evening.  So recovery is almost there on the weight.  Good!

8 mile training run in 68:20 at 1% incline – took it slow and felt strong

Felt good on the run – first mid range run since the WFPS half on the weekend and there doesn’t appear to be any damage.  I took it easy so I could monitor myself and watch for any issues.  Looks good – green light for Goofy Challenge training!

Had some issues with the treadmill though – the breaker on it tripped twice on me even though I wasn’t pushing very hard.  I have to get that figured out because if I can’t keep pushing harder on the weekday treadmill runs I won’t make the speed and endurance gains I am looking for!

Weight is starting to recover as well – back down below 220 this morning – was at 219.  Was 218.5 after the run this evening so I should be a bit lower again tomorrow – I suspect by the end of the weekend I should be back to where I was last week and then I can start improving again.

Signed up for the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon today – race is May 4th, 2014

10th anniversary of the WPS Half Marathon is May 4th, 2014 – signed up today and looks like there were many who beat me to it.  I am pretty sure they sell out every year and with this being an anniversary year they definitely will this year for sure.

It seems a bit early to sign up for a spring race in October but it will help keep me motivated and training once the Goofy Challenge is done in January.

Looking forward to it!

#goofychallenge training run – 4.05 miles in 30 min at 1% incline – felt good and recovering well from #wfpshalfmarathon on the weekend

First real training run on my journey to my 4th Goofy Challenge at Disney world tonight.  Officially transitioning from my 3 half marathons in 48 days period into my training plan for the Goofy Challenge in January.  At this point the training miles are going to start to ramp up to provide more longer runs and extended miles on the shorter mileage days.

Strong run tonight – did some speed work alternating between 7 mph and 9 mph stints – felt good and was able to push pretty hard.  My calves did feel pretty thick though but I think that is a side effect of the celebratory snacking I had been doing over the past couple days.  That gets cleaned up right now!

Also started tonight with a 0.2 mile warm up with a steep 10% incline for 2:35 minutes – first minute at 6 mph and remainder at 4 mph.  I need to make sure I am including some hill work in my training from here on out and put a bit into the warm ups will help for when I transition into turning either my Tuesday or Thursday night runs into hill night.

Weight today was up – 221.5 – not happy about that but it is a direct result of the celebratory snacking I have been doing over the past couple days.  I consciously gave myself those cheat days to help my mentally transition into the Goofy Challenge training.  I didn’t want to go into this training session already feeling pretty deprived after several weeks of being in race mode.  That is done now though and it is time to get back to a better balanced diet and focus on getting the weight to come down while I jack the miles up.

Feeling good and ready to push on to Goofy!

Officially got into #halffanatics – #5180 – whoohoo!

Hadn’t really thought about joining before but after the WFPS Half Marathon on the weekend I realized I had actually qualified.  Seems like the kind of crazy thing I want to be a part of!  Signed up – #5180

Now how am I going to move up to the next level?  Hmmm