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New shoes – Nike Pegasus+ 29 – royal blue and crimson

Looks like I managed to score a heck of a deal at Scheels in Fargo, ND on our roadtrip this weekend.

As I indicated in the post: I have been using Nike Pegasus shoes for quite some time for my running (almost continually back to 2002 with the occassional testing out of different shoes and brands) – I like the feel and they just seem to work for me.

They have been doing some odd things with the colours starting with the burn out your retinas yellow/green they introduced around the time of the 2012 Olympics and then with the 29 series seeming to change colours every  couple of months.  For example my current running pair that I got back in February is black with some bright blue – not too bad looking but they seemed to almost immediately discontinue that shoe and move into something different.  I was able to find a second pair as a backup through SportChek for about $30 off online (so closer to $100) but wasn’t able to find a second of the same colour scheme in store anywhere.

I was watching the various colour schemes and it looked like Running Room had the scarey yellow/green back (after it being gone) and then 2 other colour schemes but only the yellow/green were available in my size.  SportChek seemed to have other colours (including a bright red one and a black one with the Nike stripe being the scarey yellow/green).  I could deal with the scarey colour stripe but when they had a shoe sale a couple weeks ago when we were in getting shoes for my son I checked and they didn’t have any in my size.

It wasn’t in a rush yet to get new shoes but I knew I was going to need some soon – the current pair was getting near the end of their life, the gortex versions I wear to work weren’t as comforable any more (especially when compared to the non gortex ones) and I knew I was going to have to start running outside as soon as the weather allowed it.  I don’t like to bring my outdoor runners onto the treadmill so I figured my spare pair would be the outdoor pair soon and my current treadmill ones would be moved off to being a pair for going to work as they still have some life and are in good enough condition for work.  This would leave me with a hole for running on the treadmill – so I knew I was going to have to watch shoe prices and jump on a colour scheme I could live with whenever the price was something I was willing to pay.  Pegasus regularly sell for $130 here in Canada ($100 in the US) but I have been able to find them on sale for closer to $100, so that is what I was waiting for.

As I indicated in a previous post ( we went on a roadtrip to Fargo over the weekend and ended up in Scheels while we were there and I decided to check on availability and colours while we were there.  First thing we hit in the store was the mens’ shoes area and saw that they had the black ones with the scarey yellow/green stripe for $100 – I could accept that cost and the colour combo so I decided to get a pair but first we would do a tour and come back at the end.  The store is massive and we hadn’t been in this one before so we thought we would do a tour before we bought anything.

During the tour we found the discounted shoes area – the shoes there were half off the regular price and then on top of that they were running a discount to take 20% off the lowest marked price.  I did spot some Pegasus in the mix but not in my size initially but as I kept digging I ended up finding 2 pairs in my size, both royal blue with crimson stripe and insole.  For the price I could live with the colours especially to be used on the treadmill and as outdoor runners…but maybe not for work.  So in the end both pairs cost me well under $90 (including tax).

I just checked in the past half hour or so and Running Room actually now has these in stock for my size (they seem to have them now but yet this colour version seems to have been discontinued in the US? Obviously Nike is doing some playing around with the colours of the shoes – this is also one of the models that you can use their new +ID system on, but in the US only) for $130 before taxes.  So definitely had a major score there.

This means that I will be moving my current treadmill pair to be my work pair, my gortex pair(s) are being moved to the garage to be used when I do yard work this summer and I will using one of these new pairs to be my new treadmill pair.  The other new pair will become my new outdoor runners.  This will also leave me a spare pair of the black with blue stripe type to use as a new work pair if the there is less life left in my current treadmill pair than I think.  It’s good to have a plan.

Two weeks to Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon

So it is 2 weeks today to the WPS Half Marathon.  My times seem ok on the treadmill – they are certainly an improvement over where I was going into the Goofy Race and Half Challenge in January but I don’t really know where I stand right now for the upcoming race.

The weather still is not cooperating for running outside – I have had 2 outdoor runs on gravel in the past month or so and they have both been slow.  It snowed today (on April 21st?  Can this end already and warm up?) and I was not prepared to do a 3 hour run outside.

I am going into one of the tough weeks: -/5/10/5/-/10/20 this week so a total of 50 miles this week – making it through should do good things for my confidence but a few outdoor runs would really help.  I would love to be able to the 10 and 20 on Saturday and Sunday outside to really see where I am.

The week after that is relatively light to allow a bit of a taper going into the half marathon race.  -/5/6/5/-/2k/13.1

The 2k is the Run at the Ridge race that I will be doing with my son, daughter and wife.  It is a bit of a family / community race that is run in and around the elementary school my son goes to.  Not sure how that is going to go – the best would be for us all to run together but I know my son, who is older than my daughter, will want to run ahead.  He did really well last year but I’m not sure he has the same endurance he had last year since we can’t seem to get outside to run and play too much due to the weather.  So it would be better if we could convince him to just run with us.  Not sure if that will happen though.  Should be interesting.

I am in the second wave at the WPS Half – they have never had wave starts before so I don’t know how that will go either.  Plus the long range weather trend isn’t looking all the great for that day either.  There are apparently still large snow piles in the starting area that haven’t melted yet and considering the temperature isn’t really forecast to get much warmer yet (high temperature forecast for tomorrow is 13C colder than the normal highs for this time of year), I don’t know if the snow will melt by the time of the race or not.  So weather could definitely play a factor – maybe not the heat factor from the Goofy this year but standing around in colder weather waiting for the race to start (especially with waiting for a second wave start) could have an impact.  Always interesting.

April 21, 2013 (Sunday)

232.5 when woke up and 227 after late morning / early afternoon run.

Was 227.5 on Friday morning.  Don’t have a weight for Saturday morning – we went on a bit of a road trip Friday and Saturday so I missed the Saturday morning run.  Combine that with the road food and couple beers my weight jumped 5 pounds in 48 hours?  Should be a temporary gain but still a piss off after several days in a row below 230.

Run today was 19 miles in 2:47:40.  The first hour was pretty rough, still managed about 6.75 miles but it was not pleasant.  Second hour was closer to 7 miles so it went better than the first – felt better as well.  After about the half marathon point I started drinking a bit of Coke to help fuel.  I did have some toast and peanut butter for breakfast with my protein shakes to fuel up but it ran out pretty quick so needed the Coke to help push through.  In the end about a glass of Coke and about a litre of water for the run.

April 18th, 2013 (Thursday)

226.5 when I woke up and 227.5 after evening run.

The 226.5 was a nice shock – it was obviously a bit of dehydration from the run last night but it still gave a nice little motivation boost.

Run tonight was 4 miles in 33:15 – 1 minute of walking at the start and then the rest were 5 to 10 minute chunks of 7.2/7.3/7.4/7.5 mph.  No breaks and no cheating on the treadmill at all.  Run felt very solid even though I didn’t particularly feel motivated to get started so it was nice to finish the distance with a solid time.

Things are looking good with just over 2 weeks to go to the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon on the 5th.

April 17th, 2013 (Wednesday)

229 when woke up this morning – 227.5 after evening run.

Run tonight was 9 miles, completed in 75 minutes.  There were only 2 minutes of walking during the run and the rest was split between 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 mph.  Last 5 minutes were faster speeds up to 8 mph.  Run felt very strong with no cheating at all on the treadmill and longest period without a walking break was 59 minutes.  Hit the half of a half point (6.55 miles) in 54:17.  Overall a very encouraging run.

My weight was below 230 again today – 3 days in a row – so things are looking positive that I have finally figured out the where my road block was and have gotten around it.  I need to keep pushing but breaking below 220 and possibly even lower looks possible.