2012 Running and Blogging Highlights

Ok – so this whole blog, etc kind of started in early September 2012 when I decided I was going to do the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in January 2013 and actually train properly. I had done the race previously in 2010 but hadn’t taken training seriously and although I finished it did not go well. I then had done the Challenge again in 2012 and although I did improve I still wasn’t training properly or taking care of my weight. I did both of those Challenges around the 255 pound mark.

September 2012: 10 runs 56.34 miles // longest run = 11 miles (2:03:25) // fastest run 6.36 mph average for 3.18 miles

Only had 2 posts for September – when I got started on training I was just tracking everything in a Microsoft Word document and it wasn’t until later (December) when I got the domain and actually started blogging on the internet. At that point I edited and copied the Word document data into posts on the site to back fill some content.

I started September at 257 pounds and that is the starting weight I use as a measure for my weight loss attempts and goals.



October 2012: 13 runs 93.65 miles // longest run = 16 miles (3:00:00) // fastest run 6.8 mph average for 8 miles

In October I started tracking my weight day by day in order to collect data and to see faster what was working for me and what wasn’t. Started the month at 252 and ended at 248 pounds.

It was during this month that I discovered the wonderful “Sights and Sounds” videos that Lee Hoedl has created for many of the Disney World Marathon races. I have found his videos to be a great way to stay motivated on the treadmill – they give a great impression of what you will see on the runDisney races and they bring back some great memories for me when I watch them.



November 2012: 19 runs 155 miles // longest run = 17.6 miles (3:27:30) // fastest run 6.42 mph average for 9 miles

Monthly starting weight was 248 pounds and ending was 239.5 with the lowest for the month was 237.5.

During this period I am heavily into taking a couple university courses as well and having to do things like run very early on a Saturday morning and then do an online exam for 2-3 hours. It made for some very hectic days.

I was concentrating very heavily in November on keeping on top of my diet – especially having very high protein breakfasts.



December 2012: 19 runs 166.88 miles // longest run = 20 miles (did 2 – 3:02 and 4:00) // fastest run 6.99 mph average for 5 miles

Weight continues to come down from 239.5 to 236.5 pounds (with a monthly low of 233.5).

I registered the blog and domain this month and started doing more regularly posts out to the web instead of to the Word document. Most posts are workout logs but I have some stuff in there with a wider range of info.

For example I managed to utterly destroy my treadmill…actually broke the deck…cracked right down the middle…  The treadmill was a couple years old so it wasn’t worth trying to fix so we ended up picking up a new one on the morning of Christmas Eve.

I mention a new medal hanger my wife got me for Christmas – looks pretty snazzy – still using it today although it is getting kind of full and it doesn’t have a spot for the Dopey medal I should be taking home in January 2015.

I also created a “to pack” list for the Goofy Challenge to organize myself for the Goofy Challenge in January 2013…did not want to forget anything!



So as a recap for 2012 from September to December – 20.5 pounds down – 61 runs for a total of 471.87 miles. It was a very solid focused period – I really pushed myself during this period. Maybe not quite as hard in September but by November and December I was definitely in the groove and pushing hard.

Now on to 2013 including 1 Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, 1 Manitoba Marathon and 4 half marathons…plus we put in a pool and I start thinking about swimming pool resistance exercises.

Click for 2013 running / blogging recap.


  1. Bill says:

    I had no idea that you have been running so long. Here I am setting some of your training times as goals for myself while you’ve been at this for several years longer! When did you actually start or have you been running since you were a wee lad?

    • Ted says:

      Hi Bill – I started running back around 2000 – as a cardio add-on to weightlifting I was doing. By 2002 (when I was 31 – 215 pounds and could bench 1.5 times my body weight with free weights) I had signed up for my first full but had an issue with heat on a 22 mile run about 3 weeks before the race (couldn’t even climb stairs without feeling like I was going to pass out). I recovered quite a bit by the race day but chickened out and ran the half instead that day – setting my half marathon PR at 1:46:11 which stood until this spring when I hit 1:46:00

      I then fell back from the running for a while but got back into it and ran my actual first full in 2005 (34 – 220 pounds and not nearly as muscley) – again setting a PR (4:15:01) that stood until June this year when I hit 4:09:44.

      I trained irregularly and ran another full in 2006 in about 4:30 – our son (our first kid) was born a couple months later and sleep kind of disappeared and my weight skyrocketed – couldn’t seem to fit running and weight lifting into the schedule. I did a half marathon in spring 2007 at 260 pounds (surprisingly just over 2 hours to complete) and I did the Disney World Full in January 2008 in just under 6 hours weighing about 255.

      At this point I kept trying to get back at running but never focused (the birth of our daughter in 2008 didn’t help the sleep or free time much). I did a Goofy Challenge in 2010 where I went in thinking I would run the half and then the first half of the full but then walk the rest out – but I did not train properly at all – finished but was not properly prepared and was still around 255 pounds. I tried Goofy again in 2012 and did better but still not where I wanted to be (plus still did not have my weight under control).

      That lead me to September 2012 when this blog starts – where I decided I needed to get control, train properly and see if I could get back to somewhere near where I had been. Basically at 41, I cleared my head of what I had done previously and started from scratch. I re-trained my brain and my body right from the start like I had never run before – the only things I had going for me more than other beginning runners at that point was the knowledge that I could finish a marathon and that my body had felt the pounding before and I knew what to expect.

      So I have a history with running but don’t really consider myself that experienced. My body is used to the stresses which works to my advantage but mentally I still really think of myself as someone who is starting out and still has a lot to learn.

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