new treadmill

So I picked up a new treadmill this morning (although at close to 300 pounds in the box “picked up” is maybe the wrong terminology….”heaved” maybe?)

Took about 4 hours to disassemble and take out the old treadmill and then assemble and test the new treadmill after accounting for a lunch break, etc.  Probably would have been quicker but there were some buggered bolts on the old one making it harder to disassemble plus I had to do some fiddling with the new one to get into the alcove where we wanted it.  It fits nicely in the spot but the opening to the alcove was thinner than the deck when the treadmill was laying flat so it had been shimmied into place on its end while keeping the deck lifting hardware from slamming open making the deck and base into a big L.  In the end I got it and the machine went together pretty well.  Probably won’t be able to give it a good test until tomorrow night when I go to put 5 miles on it but so far so good.


  1. […] Then the treadmill broke down and I guess I ran on the damaged, sagging deck for so long that once we replaced the treadmill I couldn’t run in the green Pegasus shoes any more.  They had been warped to compensate for the sag in the treadmill deck (more of this story here: and here: ) […]

  2. […] the issue was on the board and it is toast.  Bit crappy since the thing is less than a year old. (read about my Christmas eve new treadmill buying adventures from last […]

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