Yeesh – been a couple weeks since I posted something on the blog…bit of an update.

Whoops – been slacking on the blog! And on running too for that matter but I have been trying to be smart about repairing my left ankle so I have a minor excuse at least.

So since my last post, I have have run about 6 times with the longest being at around the 9 mile mark and the shortest 3 miles. I have done a combination of indoor and outdoor runs as I have tried to figure out what the issue with my ankle is.

My best guess right now on my ankle is not actually anything to do with running. the issue actually appears to be sitting on my living room couch. If I sit too long on that couch specifically the ankle wants to lock up and starts to hurt. No other couches or chairs seem to have the same impact, so it looks like it must be doing something weird to my circulation or pressing funny on a ligament or something weird. The worst part was as I tried to figure things out I would spend more time on the couch “resting” the ankle…pretty much caused a downward spiral.

But now that I have that sorted out I seem to be able to run and walk without pain.

The trick now is to start rebuilding the speed and endurance that I lost over the last 11 months or so. With that in mind I have set some goal races and developed a recovery training plan for the winter of 2015/2016 going into some 2016 local spring / summer races. It might be fairly aggressive but I now that I am pretty sure I am not actually injured I can try to get some focus back.

The plan also better takes into account my family schedule so it should be easier to follow without feeling like I am neglecting too much family time. (naturally lazy mixed with a touch of guilt is a pretty good mix for killing runs…)

With any luck that should mean my posts on the blog start to come more frequently again as well.

Ok – on with the adventure!

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