Yay! Hill intervals – did well but that was rough – 4 miles in 33:17

Hill interval runs tonight – pretty tough – I did better than last week’s interval run but I was feeling the running in my hips and I could tell my gait wasn’t a smooth as it should have been.  Going to have to work out the kinks in the hips because I am pretty sure I would have done better tonight if I had felt more limber.  Something to work on.

Other than that though things were good – felt strong cardio wise and was able to focus – 4 miles seemed almost too short a run.  Definitely continuing to improve health wise overall – just need to keep working on the speed.

Next scheduled run is Saturday for 9 miles and then 18 miles are scheduled for Sunday – longer runs are starting to ramp up for Goofy Challenge 2014!!

Speaking of which – 10 weeks today until our travel day for the Goofy Challenge.  So a good 8 weeks of solid training to go before heading into the taper.  Lots of miles yet to go but looking forward to testing myself against the Challenge for the 4th time – this time being in the best shape I have ever been in going into one.

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