With 4 miles today I hit 143 miles for June and a grand total of 900 so far for 2014!

With a total of over 17 miles for Sunday and Monday I have managed to hit a grand total of 900 miles so far for 2014!  A very strong year for me so far. I hit a total of 1400 miles for all of last year and I should hit that by the end of September this year so I am looking at some fantastic mileage (for me) for the year.

Still a lot can happen in the next 6 months but at this point if I follow my training schedule I should be over 2000 miles for the year come the end of December. If that happens it will by far be my highest mileage year ever! Very optimistic at this point for the Dopey Challenge in January for sure!

So what has gone into that 900 miles? Well we are talking:

  • Total of 2 full marathons and 2 half marathons
  • Highest mileage month ever in March – just over 200 miles
  • under 17 miles off schedule (short), almost all of that due to one injury (means I was very dedicated to my schedule so far this year)
  • One injury – pulled hamstring while compensating for a hurt knee – luckily it wasn’t too bad and after a few days I was able to run again and recovered to near normal in a couple weeks
  • Landed on my ass a grand total of 3 times – once slipped on ice and twice tripping on rough sidewalk (both of these in one run)

Overall I am proud of how the running has gone and I am excited to see where I get to by the end of the year – 2000 mile year? Another half marathon PR? Lots of possibilities!

I am also excited to see where I will be when I hit the Dopey Challenge in January 2015 – my goal for that is to be at the point where I will be able to do a strong marathon time while still taking in as many sights and character picture spots as I can.

Bring on the next 6 months!

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