WFPS Half Marathon – got in with the second wave of registration

So I had tried to get into the WFPS Half Marathon on October 19th, 2013 here in Winnipeg but when I made my attempt they had already sold out.  I sent an email to the race team to ask to be put on a waiting list and luckily they opened up more spots and I was able to get in after all!  Whoohoo.

Now I have 3 half marathons coming up over a 7 week period in the fall where I can make attempts to maybe top my personal best.  I will be racing in:

  • The Cash Store Financial Freedom Run for Diabetes Research – Sept 2nd
  • Rotary Half Marathon – Sept 22nd
  • WFPS Half Marathon – October 19th

Discussion of first 2 races here:

This will be interesting from a motivation perspective as it will keep me running and running hard through the summer and the fall so that if I do happen to pull off a miracle and sign up for the Goofy Challenge again for 2014 I will be well ahead of the game for the training for that race.  That could also maybe mean a shot at a personal best on the marathon during the Goofy which would be an awesome achievement too….but first things first – concentrate on the half marathons fella.

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