Well that was dumb – note to self – when you get a new treadmill don’t just level side to side, do back to front too.

After I wrote my nightly run post I started wondering why it has been so hard to run this week.

My diet is a bit off normal and I’m not getting enough sleep since the time change but even combining those two things it really didn’t seem to explain why I have been having such a hard time on the treadmill.  So I started thinking about other things it might be.

And it clicked that I was running on a new treadmill.  It could be that the old treadmill was out of calibration and I wasn’t as fast as it was telling me I was…but the few outdoor runs I have got in in the past couple months would seem to say it was ok.  So maybe the new treadmill is calibrated wrong and giving too slow a reading?  Seems unlikely though.

I knew I had leveled the treadmill when I got it but I got to thinking that maybe I only leveled side to side and didn’t check front to back…I put it where the old one was so there shouldn’t have been an issue…but maybe I should double check.


The new treadmill has a longer deck so its back end is at a different spot compared to where the old treadmill was….leading to about 3/4 inch difference off level front to back (with the back being lower). So basically I was running against an incline that I hadn’t expected.  After some playing around I figured out that this looks like around 2.5 to 3% incline more than what the display was telling me.  No wonder it was hard to get moving.

While I feel a bit dumb for not checking that I feel a heck of a lot better about my running again…


On a positive note that means the speed work I did at up to 10 mph was a lot more impressive than I thought…

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