Weekend running recap – total of 30 miles – last hard weekend, now to taper…

This was the last hard weekend before tapering begins for the Goofy Challenge in January at Disney World.  I had both a 10 mile and 20 mile run scheduled for the weekend – I had to do it on the treadmill due to some high windchill readings but I got it done.

The 10 miler on Saturday went pretty – no where near as fast as the run on Thursday night but 83:37 at 1% incline was more than respectable.  I had a total of 5 minutes of walking and most of the run periods were at 7.2 or 7.5 mph.  I got the run done early in the day and then had to do a 5.5 hour round trip road trip to my old home town to pick up my Mom and bring her into Winnipeg for Christmas.  My back was aching by the time I got back home – the run and then drive really stiffened things up.

I managed to get the back worked out but was still worried about being stiff for the 20 miler!

I guess I didn’t have to worry about the stiffness – I could tell very early in the run that my legs felt good and I would be able to do pretty well.  I started off relatively slow (as you should with a long slow run) but I seemed to abandon the “slow” concept and started pushing.  I’m not exactly sure why but most likely I just wanted to get it done.  I had about 6 minutes of breaks refilling the water bottle and the timer on the treadmill was 2:43:52 – giving me a total around 2:50 for the run.  Very decent time – but not really the long slow run it was supposed to be.  It was closer to race pace and I’m not sure what the consequences of that will be but I am sure there will be some.  I can say I am more tired than I expected to be.

With today’s run done I now start tapering into the Goofy Challenge.  I was looking forward to the break of tapering but looking at my schedule, I still have 70.5 scheduled miles to go before getting on the plane for Orlando!  I still have one double digit mile run (half marathon distance) and a couple in the 8/9 mile range as well as several shorter runs.  Everything is going to seem easier at this point but the hard push is not done yet!  I actually like that I have an 8 miler on Christmas Day – as long as I get it done before supper I will be able to have a good feast without guilt!

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