Weekend running recap – total of 29.12 miles – mostly outside for a change!

Ok – I put my weekend runs up on twitter but didn’t get a chance to blog it at all.

Saturday – got out and did my scheduled 9 miles – went pretty well even if it was a bit chilly and icy. It is starting to warm up though so I am looking forward to more miles outside. Was a bit slower – 1:22:38 for the 9 miles.

Sunday – It being spring break here in Canada, we decided to take the kids out for breakfast this morning as a bit of a treat. So I didn’t get moving and on the treadmill until the afternoon. I figured I would watch movies and get my 20 miles in. I got to the end of the first action movie and finished out 13.1 miles in 1:50:24 and I found the thought of going for another hour on the treadmill kind of horrifying frankly. So instead I showered and hung out with the kids, had supper, rest a bit and then headed outside to finish up.

The second run was 7.02 miles in 1:01:24 – glorious outside, a few clouds but a nice sunset and I got to run in shorts! Felt very good and carried a very good pace in the end too. Quite happy with that and I am glad to see that my quick recovery abilities are still there!

Looking at my totals for the month and I am at 144.62 miles in with 2 days left to go. I have a 5 miler scheduled for Tuesday but I will make sure to bump that to get 150.

I am on my way back!

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