Washed the dogs, fixed 2 faucets, patched some drywall and ran 5 miles in 36:16 on the treadmill – productive night!

The pups were pretty stinky tonight so before I did anything I had to get that sorted out! Washed the 2 of them with our daughter and did not make nearly the mess I expected to! Gotta love a nice clean, fluffy puppy.

It’s a good thing their cute though since they chewed up the drywall on one corner in the kitchen. So had to fix that.

Also found while washing the dogs that we had a leaky tap in that bathroom and one of the other bathrooms had a tap you had to be careful with otherwise you would find it dripping. That needs to be fixed too…

Trip to the hardware store to grab the parts and spackle and then home to get everything sorted out.

Then bedtime story for the girl, and then the wife and our son got home from his music lessons and got him tucked in.

Finally time for a breather and a chance to get the run in for the night! Pretty late by this point so I decided to swap tomorrow’s 5 miler speed run with tonight’s 10 miler. Should have lots more time tomorrow to get the 10 in!

Lungs were still feeling a bit chunky from the cold but things are definitely mending so I decided I would hammer pretty hard at the start and see how things went. If I had to back off then so be it but if I didn’t the fast run would do me a world of good.

Started out with a minute at 7 mph and then bumped up to 9 mph for a minute. That minute was tough but I still hadn’t oxygenated properly yet so I didn’t give up and tried a minute at 7 again before bumping up to 9 again…success! Still tougher than it used to be but was able to sustain and get 2 minutes in at 9. At that point I started 5 minute cycles that went 7-9-7-9-9 for a while and then occasionally through in 3 minutes at 9. Around the 20 minute mark I was doing a minute at 7 followed by 2 minutes at 9. At the half hour mark I had to walk for a minute but then I hit it hard again finishing out the 5 miles in 36:16. A very decent time and one I am quite happy to see.

Lots of rebuilding to do still but I apparently can still do some speed work so I will keep pushing at that as I start testing to see what I still have for endurance. I have that 10 miler going tomorrow and then a 13.1 training run on Saturday and a 20+ on Sunday if I can pull it off. If I can make it happen it will give me my first 50+ mile week in many months. So fingers crossed there.

Again, stay tuned!


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