Warranty parts for the old treadmill arrived – spent the afternoon getting them installed – only one small blood sacrifice required!

The warranty parts for my old treadmill showed up on Wednesday and since I was off work today I got a chance to fix the machine.  Ended up getting a new breaker, on/off switch, power cord socket, some power cabling (that had gotten crispy), a new motor control board (that had gotten kinda smoky) a new deck and a new belt.

Not too bad an installation in the end. I started by taking off the old belt and deck and the motor housing.  I cleaned up the motor area and replaced the electrical parts and control board.  I then installed the new belt and deck. From there I lubed the deck/belt and gave the machine a quick test.

Once I was sure it was functional, I re-installed the motor housing and deck side rails.  From there it was just a matter of leveling the machine (side to side AND back to front this time) and doing some minor adjustments while doing a more thorough test.  Works like new.

Only one minor cut on one finger to show for the work – so not bad. Blood sacrifice has been made so the repairs will take!

So now out of this we have 2 functional treadmills – something I don’t think anyone needs plural of but maybe this way I can avoid utterly destroying them before the summer is out!  Basically the old one will most likely be off warranty if it breaks again but the new one has a longer warranty period and we should be good with that one until March 2016. Maybe with 2 functional treadmills I can avoid downtime as well when one of them does inevitably breaks.  I can hope anyway.

Two treadmills? Man. *shakes head*  Well at least they get used and aren’t slowly collecting laundry!

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