Updated my #goofychallenge #runDisney training plan page and did an analysis of my 2013 Manitoba Marathon training

My training plan page has been getting quite a few hits lately as people are starting to get excited about the 2014 Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, so I figured I should update it a bit.

It had a bunch of stuff still on it for my training for the 2013 Manitoba Marathon as well as the 2014 Goofy Challenge training information which could have been confusing to a random visitor.  To clean that up I decided to update the page and strip out the Manitoba Marathon info, put it on its own page and do an analysis on how I did for that training period similar to what I did for the Goofy Challenge 2013 training period.

So the updated training plan page is still at the same location (here), the 2013 Goofy Challenge Scheduled versus Actual analysis is here and the new page for the 2013 Manitoba Marathon is located here.

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