Twitter – @BigGoofyRunner

I finally bit the bullet and joined Twitter – @BigGoofyRunner

On the right hand side bar I have added a widget to show my recent tweets and a button to follow me if you are inclined.  Any of my posts here on the blog will also be sent out automatically as a tweet too.

I’m not exactly sure yet how I am going to use the Twitter account but hopefully I can use it to help enhance the experience of the blog and maybe use it here and there on runs to indicate progress and my where my head is at.

One of the first accounts I set myself up to follow was the runDisney account – hopefully it has interesting stuff about the races, etc and pertinent up to date info for any of the races I attend.

So – something that is definitely going to evolve over time for me so we will see what happens.

Word of note – the Twitter widget seems to be working on Internet Explorer and Chrome but doesn’t seem to be working on FireFox but I’m not sure if that is a local setting on the browser or just what yet.  I will check on another machine and see if it is working there or not and figure it out from there.

Edit August 6th – looks like the feed is working on a different PC with FireFox but won’t work on any browser at work – definitely points to an issue with local computer settings and not the blog or the widget.  Will update once I get it sorted out.

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