#trainingrun – easy 2 miles in 17:11 at 1% incline – felt fantastic – Sept 23rd, 2013 (Monday)

219.5 when I woke up this morning and 221 after the evening run

Weight was up a bit today probably from overcompensating for the calories burnt in the race yesterday – will have to watch that and get back on track – I’m sure things will be back to normal tomorrow.

I wanted to do a quick and easy run tonight to stretch out the legs and make sure I didn’t do any damage over the weekend.  Run felt fantastic – ran a straight and steady 7 mph at 1% incline with no struggles, was able to just let the legs move and the mind wander.  As I got near the end of the 2 miles I was very tempted to just keep going but the idea for tonight wasn’t to pack on the miles so I made myself stop and hit the shower.

Very happy with the run and how I am feeling – says that my training has got my body to the point where it can handle the training miles and the distance well.  It also shows that I can recover quickly…which will be important when I get into the serious miles for the Goofy Challenge training.  Possibly most important of all is that I was mentally into the run – could have gone the other way with missing my half marathon PR by 99 seconds yesterday but I seem mentally ready for another 4 hard weeks of training.


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