#trainingrun – double run day – 4 miles in 30:18 at 1% incline tonight and 2.09 miles in 19:14 this morning – Sept 26, 2013 (Thursday)

215.5 when woke up and 217 after evening run and swim

Whoohoo – new low this morning for the weight – awesome!  Now I have to make sure I don’t screw it up.

Morning run was not too bad – 19:14 for 2.09 miles – the legs felt a bit dead and I was certainly tired but I’m not really sure at this point if it is the lack of sleep or the extra miles.  There was a bit of pain in my right knee but it was most likely due to the treadmill issue last night rather than the extra training.  Any walking during the day and the running tonight didn’t cause any issues so it doesn’t look like something I need to worry about but I will still watch it to make sure.

Evening run was a bit slow – mostly mental issues to sort through for the first few minutes making the full run a bit slow in the end but decent overall.  No walking at all, so did the 4 miles straight.  Started with 5 minutes at 7 mph, 5 minutes at 8 mph, 5 minutes at 8.5 mph, then rotated between 7, 8, 8.5 and 9 mph.  It was a decent run – not my fastest but after I worked through the mental game I was able to start pushing again and put in a few bursts of 9 mph and completed the 4 mph in 30:18.  Legs are still feeling good with no issues.

After the run I put in a half hour in the pool of floating around to help both stretch and rest the legs.

Overall I am feeling pretty good after 3 days of double runs – I’m a bit tired but at least part of that is from getting up about 45 minutes earlier than I’m used to and not getting to bed earlier enough to balance it out.  I will do the early morning run tomorrow before work and then my regular scheduled runs over the weekend and assess after that if I will continue the early morning and double runs next week.

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