#trainingrun – double run day – 4.02 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline in the evening and 2.09 miles in 19:28 outside in the morning

220.5 – 220 after 2.09 in 19:28 222 after 4.02 in 30 min at 1% and 0.16 miles in 2.5 minutes at 10%

Weird ass weight jump today – I think I can attribute it to the string cheese I have been taking to work as part of my lunch as a quick way to add some extra protein to the diet – it is about the only thing out of the ordinary in the diet today and yesterday besides a few slices of pizza and I have had the pizza several times before without the same impact – I will rule the pizza out for now.  So I will drop the string cheese out for the next couple days and see if things settled out or not.

Morning run was relatively slow but mentally I certainly wasn’t into it so that will have been part of that.  No aches or pains though – just extremely difficult to drag my ass out of bed this morning.  Mental not physical reasons for the slow run this morning.  But I did it and got the miles in.

Run tonight was 4.02 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline – I did a significant part of the run at 8 mph with some one minute stretches at 7 mph, some one and two minute stretches at 9 mph and a total of 2 minutes of walking.  Also did a 0.16 mile warm up in 2.5 minutes at a 10% incline.  Run was pretty decent – was able to push relatively hard – maybe not as hard as I would like but didn’t feel like crashing out or dropping to a slower pace.  So not too bad…if only I can kick this weight thing.

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