#trainingrun – August 28th, 2013 (Wednesday) – 4.03 miles in 30 minutes

223 when I woke up and 224 after run this evening.

Still fighting against weight gain and retained water that I can’t seem to figure out – having issues today even though I cut back on pretty much everything that I have been eating so I’m not sure what is going on.  I will get it sorted out eventually but still frustrating.

Run tonight was good though – did 4.03 miles in 30 minutes – I didn’t do any warm up, just fired up at 1% and 8.2 mph – did the 8.2 mph for 10 minutes and then started slow / fast cycles.  In the end had 2 minutes of walking, 1 minute at 7 mph, 1 minute at 9 mph, 30 seconds at 10 mph to end it and several minutes each of 8.2 and 8.5 mph (for several minute stretches).

It was really hot outside and I wanted to get in the pool as soon as the run was done so before I got on the treadmill I said that if I could hit 4 miles in 30 minutes then I could stop but if I didn’t I would have to go a full hour.  So I pushed pretty hard and managed to hit that 4 mile mark.  Whoohooo!

Definitely felt pretty good during the run, lots of energy and lots of focus.  Very nice.

Spent about 45 minutes in the pool after the run just kind of floating around.

My wife has been having issues with her knee and we were wondering if the treadmill was somehow out of level side to side and that was what was causing it – so we checked tonight and found that it was quite good side to side but back to front has a natural 1% incline.  So that is nice – it means that my training runs have actually been at 1% incline already and when I bump up the machine to 1% it is actually at 2%.  That helps the mental part of the game for sure – it means that the extra pushing I have been doing lately to overcome the incline is all going to go to speed on race day.  Excellent.

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