#trainingrun – August 26th, 2013 (Monday) – 3.84 miles in 30 minutes

223.5 when I woke up this morning and 224.5 after evening run.

Had a big steak supper tonight with garlic toast and Caesar salad – way too much food.

I did manage to get in the pool before supper for about a half hour but only really to float around.

After supper I decided that I would do a run on the treadmill to help put the breaks on the weight gain even if I couldn’t go very hard because of the chunk of beef I had just eaten.  So I waited a bit to make sure everything was settled then got on the treadmill – interestingly my calves were feeling very thick as well so I was retaining water – not sure what caused that.  So this was an unscheduled run and I went into it with the attitude that anything I did was a bonus.

I did a short warm up for 2.5 minutes at 5% incline and 4 mph – 0.16 miles.

The run in the end was 3.84 miles in 30 min at 1% – so not the fastest I have done lately on the treadmill but the first 16 minutes were quite fast – I did the first 16 minutes alternating one minute cycles of 7.5 mph and 9 mph for a total of 2.2 miles in that 16 minutes.  From there I had a total of 3 minutes of walking and a mix of 7, 7.5 and 9 mph finishing with a 30 second stretch at 10 mph.

All things considered it was a better run than the mile total would indicate and things felt pretty good.

After the run was over I got back in the pool and did several laps and 5 sets of resistance exercises.

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