#trainingrun – August 25th, 2013 (Sunday) – 9 miles 1:26:55

222 when woke up and 217.5 after morning run.

Run this morning 9 miles in 1:26:55 and temps were 21C (70C) and felt like 27 (81) when I started and 25C (77F) 32C (90F) when finished.  So still pretty toasty but not nearly as hot as yesterday morning.

I had 13.1 miles on the schedule for today and also wanted to try to push a little further this weekend (17.5 – 18 miles) but I got started too late and the heat made things a bit rough – I could have kept going but I could tell with the heat that if I had kept going there would have been consequences.  8 days until a half marathon race and I don’t need to get spanked by the heat possibly costing training time.

So in the end I got my full scheduled miles in for the weekend if not in the same chunks that I expected and I didn’t get the extra miles I wanted but considering the heat just getting the miles in was a nice surprise.

Spent about 3.5 hours in the pool today too trying to hide from the heat so that was nice and probably helped burn some calories.

Had a fairly large supper so I might see that in my weight tomorrow too.

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