#trainingrun – August 23rd, 2013 (Friday) – 3.94 miles in 30 minutes

221.5 when I woke up and 223.5 after run

Well it is a bit irritating that my weight actually went up over the course of the day – especially when the higher weight was even before supper tonight.  After the run my calves felt thick – I am retaining water which I think accounts for the weight jump.  After supper we went for a swim for about a half hour and I was down a half pound after that – so basically about an hour and a half after the run I had dropped a half pound even though I had supper in that period as well.  My legs started feeling better as well so it lends some credence to the thought that it is retained water causing the weight jump.  I am thinking the protein I have been having at work (dry roast almonds and jerky) is causing the grief – lots of sodium.  I will have to sort that out and find a better way to do the protein during the work days.

Run was decent though – I did a 0.16 mile warm up walk at 5% incline in 2.5 minutes.  Then went into a run alternating a minute at 7 mph and a minute at 9 mph – did that for 2 miles / 15 minutes – after that I had a few one minute walk periods and did some runs at 9 mph for longer than 1 minute (one at 2 minutes and a couple at 1.5 minutes).  This ended up with a total of 3.94 miles in 30 minutes.  Cardio vascular wise and from a strong run stand point it was a good run but as I said above my calves felt really thick by the end – but still decent overall.

I have a 4.5 mile run planned tomorrow morning and a 13.1 for Sunday morning but I have company coming so I am planning to do the longer run tomorrow instead but the low tonight is 20 C (68 F) and it is supposed to get smoking hot – so if I don’t get moving early a longer run will be a baaaaad idea – I will set my alarm for early and see what happens.

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