#trainingrun – 4.5 miles outside in 41:05 – bloody cold north wind – I am not ready for it to be fall yet…

My training schedule had me at 4.5 miles (one lap of my neighbourhood) this morning but I thought about doing 2 laps instead this morning to get some extra miles in to make up for a missed training run on Wednesday night.  In the end though, I kept things as planned.  I made that decision for 3 reasons:

  1. the massive headache I had all day on Wednesday that caused me to miss my first scheduled training run in a month may have been due to over-training with the double run days I was doing and I didn’t want a repeat of that.
  2. I have 18 miles scheduled for tomorrow which is my first run longer that half marathon distance since I did the Manitoba Marathon back in June, and I don’t want to mess that run up – I am still pushing hard to train for the WFPS Half marathon on October 19th but the long run tomorrow is technically the start of long run training for the Goofy Challenge in January and I want to start training on a positive note.
  3. It was frickin’ cold!  I dressed ok for the temperature but didn’t account for a strong north wind cutting through what I was wearing.  A good chunk of the run is sheltered from the wind and I was ok there but the start and end of the lap are quite exposed.  This was a problem at the start as I wasn’t warmed up yet and the wind was cutting right through me – chilly!  Tomorrow is supposed to be a touch colder but I will take the lesson today handed me and use it on the run tomorrow and make sure that I also have layered properly to take care of both the wind and the cold…

Overall run today was not bad – started slower than I would have liked but that was most likely due to pushing against the cold wind for a while – once I got the wind at my back or was in shelter things improved and time was not too bad in the end.  4.5 miles in 41:05.

Weight was 217.5 when I woke up and 216 after the run.  Looks like things may have finally settled down after that week where my weight jumped a few pounds and hopefully I can keep things under control for the next 2 weeks going into the October 19th half marathon so that I can use a few pound loss to help push for a new PR at the half distance that day.

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