#trainingrun – 2.33 miles at 1% incline in 20 minutes – nice easy run that I started the day having no intention of doing

220 after the run this morning – schedule was messed up first thing this morning so did not get a before measurement but I suspect that it was 220 as well.

Weight was up today – I think I snacked too much yesterday plus probably way too much Coke through the day and a few beers last night.  Hopefully I can get it to settle back down quickly!

It is interesting though looking at my weight loss stats from last year compared to this year – last year I would seem to have 2 lows during the week and the weight would fluctuate back up a little in between those lows and I always took one of those lows (usually Monday) as my weight for the week.  But now I seem to have only one low and it usually occurs on Thursdays – or at least that is what has been happening for the last month or so.  It probably means I am not watching what I am eating enough on weekends, eating out too much, etc.  So this is something I need to really pay attention to over the next couple weeks.  I really want my weight down to about 210 by October 19th as the reduced weight would help push towards a new PR in the half marathon I have that day (the WFPS Half Marathon).  10 pounds in 18 days seems like a lot, and it is, but at least a few of the pounds I am seeing right now are probably very temporary weight gains that will get sorted out in the next couple days – I suspect I should be back to matching my weight from last Thursday by this Thursday – putting me around the 215-16 mark.  This would mean I would have to lose another 5-6 in just over 2 weeks which I was doing pretty regularly last year and I suspect I can do so again.  Even if that all doesn’t work I want to be down below 214 for sure as this would be 5 pounds down from my weight on my last half marathon (Fort Garry Rotary Club Half Marathon).  I have at least partially mentally been in a state where I have been in celebration mode for my time on the last half marathon but I need to refocus on setting my PR on October 19th and not lose sight of that goal.

Run was pretty solid – just took it easy on the treadmill for 20 minutes – stuck it at a steady 7 mph and 1% incline and just kept moving.  2.33 miles in 20 minutes

I didn’t actually intend to run today – I woke up a bit late and in the scramble to get my son to school my schedule kind of got thrown out of whack so I decided that I would skip any thoughts of a run today and just focus on other stuff that needed to get done.

But by 9 am the coffee had kicked in and I decided that I would do an easy run on the treadmill and try out the new shoes I had picked up on the weekend.  They took a bit of adjusting to get the laces how I like them but once I had that sorted they felt great.  I won’t be putting them in the rotation yet but my current outdoor set are sitting at 295 miles right now they are probably pretty close to being done.  My treadmill shoes are at around 240 miles as well so these new shoes will go into rotation pretty soon.

I suspect I will start moving into using a new set on a few of the weekday morning outdoor runs soon to make sure they are broken in and ready for some longer weekend runs.  I think current intention will be to use one of the new pairs for the half marathon on October 19th so I need to make sure I have a couple longer runs in on them so I don’t have any surprises during the race.  I have a rough plan that should start rotating in the new shoes over the next couple weeks while still putting the longer runs on the older shoes – by the time the half marathon roles around I should be at just over 325 miles on the old shoes and I will retire them and the new ones will have somewhere between 30-45 miles on them and at least one longer run 9 miles or over.

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