#trainingrun – 2.09 miles in 18:29 outside this morning – Sept 27, 2013 (Friday)

216.5 when I woke up – 216 after the morning run. Awesome!

No run tonight and just the short run this morning.  Kind of surprised that the run this morning was actually the fastest of the morning runs so far this week.  Considering the legs should be pretty drained after doing double run days 3 days in a row and also considering I still haven’t adapted to getting up earlier to run on weekdays, I certainly wasn’t expecting for it to go as well as it did.  My expectation was that today would be the slowest or at least 2nd slowest with the Thursday morning after medium long run on Wednesday being the slowest.

I wasn’t particularly pushing and kind of expected to be 3-4 minutes slower than I was – good for the confidence that.

No running tonight – just going to take it easy and let the legs rest a bit tonight and continue with the scheduled runs for the weekend.  I have 4.5 miles (1 lap) planned for tomorrow and 9 miles (2 laps) for Sunday but I am tempted to bump them both up a lap or 4.5 miles – it will depend on the weather and how tired I am at this point.

After I see how the runs go this weekend, I will evaluate the morning runs / double run days to see if I should continue it for another week.  I would like to do it 2 more weeks and then start the taper into the WFPS Half Marathon on October 19th.  Since I seemed to have adapted to the miles by Friday morning, I am expecting to continue at least one more week but I have a slight ache in my right knee sometimes that I need to watch – if I sit for too long it can ache a bit but if I move around it clears up.  It definitely needs to be watched but I don’t think it likely a big deal – my expectation is that it will be fine tomorrow.


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