#trainingrun – 13.1 miles in 2:09:06 outside – fall is definitely here – Sept 15, 2013 (Sunday)

219 when I got up this morning and 215 after run this morning

Bit of a weight bump from yesterday but had Boston Pizza for supper last night a beer later so I’m sure that contributed – have to keep a watch on that but not really much of an impact overall.

Run was pretty good – started a bit slow due to it taking a bit longer to get warmed up in the colder weather (looks like it hit freezing for about an hour overnight – was a few degrees warmer than that when I headed out to run but still chilly enough when I started).  Forgot my running gloves as well which was a bit irritating.  So all combined the first lap was a bit slow but the second lap was better which gave me the incentive to go ahead and do a 3rd.  Was scheduled for 9 miles today but this decision pushed the miles up to 13.1.  I had brought water with me so that was good but I hadn’t brought along and fuel and since my breakfast was really light I was downright hungry part way into the 3rd lap.  That definitely slowed me down and cost me a few more minutes on that last lap.

All in all 2:09:06 was not too bad for a light run around the neighborhood and it gave a good reminder to remember to fuel on the move for half marathon and longer distances.  This will be important to remember as my training schedule starts to push up the length of the Sunday runs – will need to remember to fuel early and regularly.

Had a nice little surprise when I had probably about a quarter mile still left to go on the last lap – a couple was running toward me on the road and they both had running gear on that appeared to have race logos on them – I didn’t recognize the small logo on the man’s jacket/pull over but I would recognize the awful orange coloured shirt the woman was wearing anywhere – the 2013 Goofy Challenge shirt.  So that was pretty cool – about 8-9000 Goofy Challenge runners last year and apparently I’m not the only one in my neighborhood!  Awesome.  I called out “whoohoo Goofy!” when we passed each other but I’m not sure she heard or understood – but still very cool.  Edit – took a look at the finisher’s list for Goofy 2013 and there are 8 of us listed for Winnipeg – kinda funny that 2-3 of us probably live in the same neighborhood or at least neighboring neighborhoods.

Granted, if I hadn’t found out yesterday that I am going to do Goofy in 2014, seeing the shirt could have caused my head to explode but very awesome none the less.

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