Total of 9 miles for the day – had to split the run for family stuff – 5 in the morning and 4 tonight. 18 miles tomorrow.

Between getting up a touch late this morning and my wife having to get our son to curling practice I did not have time to get in my full 9 miles this morning – so ended up pushing through 5 miles before I ran out of time.

I then hit the treadmill again tonight after supper and did a strong 4 mile run to complete my scheduled miles for the day.

5 miles in 37:22 @ 1% incline and 4 miles in 28:55 @ 1%.

Both were decent runs but I found the morning run a bit rough to get started on but I could have easily kept going on tonight’s run.

I now have an 18 miler scheduled for tomorrow – this will be my longest run since the Disney World Marathon / Goofy Challenge back in January and it should be interesting to see where I am.

Most of my runs since the January races were either short sightseeing tours in Disney World on vacation or strong, fast and relatively short runs on the treadmill.  I think I have improved my cardio condition since January but not sure about my long distance running endurance at this point.  It will be a good test of where I am 10 weeks out from my next actual race.  I will be doing the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon on May 4th and at this point I MUST beat my half PR.  I got close back in the fall but missed by 63 seconds.  I will make this work this time!  That means I will have to see how tomorrow goes and make adjustments to my training plan accordingly.

Should be interesting!  Or painful depending on your perspective.

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