To take list for the Goofy Challenge

Updated – December 28th, 2013

Note – I also have up packing lists for the Dopey Challenge and a packing list for the Goofy Challenge using only carry on luggage.

When I originally put together this list it was geared toward being concerned that the marathon weekend would be cold the way it was in 2010 – the weather forecasts show that it is going to be warm, maybe even hot so I needed to adjust things a bit.  So this list is now geared more toward warm weather but does indicate some maybes for cold weather.

I have also been looking at a few lists from a few other bloggers and it made me realize some things that I was missing on my list.  You can check out those lists at:

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Below is what I am packing and why:

  • GPS watch – Garmin Forerunner 201 – a little old but still works well.
  • Smart Phone – Samsung Galaxy S4 – use it as my media player and a secondary GPS tool.  Also will use it for a run / walk timer app if I need it.  Plus I will be able to twitter and use the camera on it – nice all in one device to help simplify the amount of stuff I need to carry.  And headphones.
  • Arm band case for the phone – can use the touch screen through the face of it – might not use it though as it is tough to get the phone out of it.  I will probably use my hard case and belt holster instead – much easier access to the phone and apps that way.
  • Couple ziplock bags – put candy in, cash in the arm band, etc
  • Water bottle belt – holds a single bottle and has a couple small pouches – even though the races will have lots of water stops it is still nice to have something I can use if I need it.  Will also add on 2 small gel bottles for that extra boost. (probably 4 gel bottles actually)
  • Sunglasses – won’t need them at the start of the race but probably will by the end
  • Hat – if it isn’t cold out a good hat to keep the sweat out of the eyes is needed
  • Toque – if it IS cold a toque / knitted hat is a good idea but it will get sweaty after a while so if doing a really long run that will to take a long time to finish in the cold it can be a good idea to have a second one in a pocket.  You really don’t want to take it off when you get warm and then go to put it back on in a cooler shaded area of the course and find that it has frozen…
  • Gloves – same as the toque above – a second pair on really cold days can be a good idea.  I use a pair that has a tip on the index finger for operating touch screens and little rubber nibs on the fingers and palm for better gripping. (with the heat I will probably only bring one set and clip them on my running belt – if I need them before the start I will have them but I suspect I won’t need them)
  • Shoes – broken in and comfortable but not dead – for the Goofy probably want to have a second set ready just in case the first pair is too wet or wrecked after the first day.  I plan on wearing a set that is capable of doing the runs as my walking around set and then have a newer pair of the same make that are broken in to use for the runs.  If the running pair get wrecked or are soaked from rain, etc I will have the walking pair to use on the second run.
  • Running shorts – I will bring 2 pairs down – one for each day – don’t want to have to do laundry after the half while you are supposed to be resting up for the full!
  • Running underwear – 2 pairs
  • Running socks – 2 pairs
  • Outdoor running pants – in case it is cold – only have the one pair to bring – really hoping don’t need them (YAY – looks like the forecast says they won’t be needed)
  • Running jacket – breaks the wind and has a layer for helping wick away moisture (I might not take this now – with layered shirts and the expected heat I might not wear it after all)
  • Running shirts – 2  (will get 3 at the expo but I don’t really want to wear a shirt that hasn’t been washed yet for the races)
  • Couple big garbage bags – one for each day – to help keep warm before each race or to sit on if necessary – easily disposable.  Alternative brought on from the Christmas loot is to bring a couple emergency blankets – will serve the same purpose as the garbage bags and they come in a tight little pouch for easy transport.
  • Nipple protectors – learned this one from experience – 2 red streaks down the front of your shirt does not look that good in the finisher photos.  The nipple protectors I use indicate that they can be used more than once – my experience is running about 50% for reuse actually working so I will make sure that I have at least 2 pair – 1 for each day
  • Spearmint leaves – candy – race fuel for me – used them my first half when I set my personal best
  • Other sweaters  – if it is going to be cold or cool at the start line a sweater that can be tossed to the side of the road can be useful for the start of the race until you get warmed up
  • Rain / wind jacket – I have a multi-layer separable jacket that I will probably have with me anyway for cooler evenings or in case it rains – if it is raining when I head to the races I will probably bring it along – if not it will stay in the room
  • Race plan – I have brought race maps with me in the past but found I never looked at them – I either got so far off plan or I knew the course well enough that it wasn’t particularly useful.  But as others have said planning the race on race day is not a good idea so if you have a race plan or pace band that you have sorted out bring it with you.  According to the runDisney site for the marathon weekend the CLIF BAR Pace Team folks will be giving out pace bands at the expo which I assume they will have for most of the standard number goal times (like 4 hrs, 4:15, etc) but if you have a goal that doesn’t match up with these you should make sure to bring your own pace band because at around mile 20 doing math in your head is most likely not going to give you a valid answer.
  • Any gels or other snacks you want for along the race – you can’t guarantee you will be able to get them at the expo so best to bring them with you if you can.
  • Chapstick – lips can sometimes get pretty chapped if the weather is cold and dry and if you start to get dehydrated – you don’t necessarily need it on the race but having it available where you are staying is probably a good idea.
  • Blister kit – whatever you need to take care of blisters – not going to use this during the race but want to have it for after/between the races – will probably include bandages, something to pop blisters, etc – if you are flying into Orlando, depending on what you usually use bringing this in carry-on luggage is probably a bad idea…
  • Knee braces – I have had issues with knee injuries in the past but I am good now so I probably won’t bring them but if you have had issues with a joint bring your gear – don’t want to scramble to find a replacement if you aggravate an old injury.
  • Camera – I will bringing a point and shoot that is billed as high sensitivity – it is pretty dark for the first while of both races and the high sensitivity will probably be worthwhile.  I also have a waterproof shooting case for this camera that I will bring with me – if it looks like rain I will use it to make sure the camera is safe from the rain at least.  I might not actually bring this in the end as I will have the really good camera on my phone but I still might….saves the battery on the phone a bit.  Not sure.
  • Bottle opener – not strictly a race item but if you want to crack a beer after your runs are completed having one of these will be handy – as a Canadian I am used to twist off caps on most beers so the non-twist off varieties they sell in the stores at Disney World hotels can be frustrating if you are reaaaaally thirsty and haven’t brought a bottle opener with you
  • Starbucks instant coffee packs – lots of people don’t particularly like the coffee available in the Disney hotel rooms or at the quick serve locations so bring along some of these if you think you are going to need that coffee hit…
  • Painkillers – Tylenol if needed before, during or right after the race – Advil for later once the kidneys are working fully again.
  • Sunscreen – this completely slipped my mind on the first version of this list because I was focused on what I might need for cold weather but if it is going to be hot and sunny – you probably want this.
  • Gatorade – Disney only does Powerade for the marathon so if you want or are used to something else you will need to bring it with you.  I brought Gatorade crystals with me in 2012 and premixed bottles before each race
  • Emergency credit card and a little cash – I didn’t specifically mention this before but hinted at it – there are some food items to purchase at the staging area before the races and the obligatory Disney shopping experience after completing each of the races.  That and I have been extremely tempted to buy some popcorn on the way through Hollywood Studios during the full before…
  • Magic Band + – this could remove the need for an emergency credit card and will also give you access to your park tickets if you want to get back into Epcot after you are done to cheer someone on.
  • Swimsuit – if it is going to be nice and warm sitting by the pool will be a tempting alternative to wandering the parks on the half marathon day.  As long as you hydrate, sitting by the pool or dangling your legs in the water is a nice relaxing way to spend a couple hours and rest your legs.  Just make sure to use sunscreen because a sunburn would not be pleasant over the course of the marathon the next day.
  • Tissues – a runny nose can happen anywhere – in a baggie so they stay dry.  I have had issues before where I didn’t wear my sunglasses for the first couple hours and then when I went to use them they were a mess but I couldn’t get them clean enough to wear because the tissues were too damp.
  • Toilet paper / wipes – the porta-potties are surprisingly well maintained (for what they are) but they can run out of the necessary supplies due to the sheer numbers of runners involved.  If you finish before a friend and are waiting around for them to cross the line the baby wipes can be used to clean up some of the grime of the race and help you feel a bit cleaner.
  • I will add other items as I think of them

How to pack?

My carry-on is usually my camera backpack and I won’t be able to bring most of this in that bag in addition to my camera stuff, laptop, etc, so most of the above will have to be in checked baggage.  This gives a bit of a risk that the baggage won’t make the full journey with me.  To deal with that I will probably bring the required electronics in my carry on along with their chargers and carriers for the race so I will have those for sure.  For the other items I will get 3 shirts at the expo so I won’t bring one in my carry-on but running underwear and socks I will.  I will probably bring one pair of running shorts as well.  None of these items will take up much space so they should fit in the camera bag.  I will also probably wear my lowest mileage shoes on the plane so I have them for sure.  I have never had any issues with luggage getting lost in the past but it will make me feel better knowing that I have that contingency covered at least a little.


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  2. Nikki says:

    I found your blog by searching for Goofy packing lists and your list helped me a lot! Thanks for posting!

    • ted says:

      Thanks Nikki – I’m glad you will find it useful – I have been hunting for other lists online in the past couple days as well – it’s nice to see what others are taking and get extra ideas (and be reminded of what I was going to forget!)

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