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Disney World 10k – Jan 5, 2017 – Ran with my son!

This will be another quick write up – this time for the Walt Disney World 10k run that I did with my son (11) on Jan 5th, 2018.


It was his first 10k run and he had done the 5k with the rest of the family yesterday so I knew he was going to be tired and wasn’t sure how he would handle it. But he did great!



Another early morning, very cold as well again. Yay!


I let the boy sleep as long as I could while I showered and got dressed (at least the first few layers) and then I tried to wake him. I’m not sure how good a sleep he had because when I told him it was time he thought it was time to go to bed…he recovered quickly though.


After we were both dressed we headed out to catch an event bus to the staging area. We brought more Mylar blankets and a towel that we could use as extra insulation or something to sit on while we waited to start our run.


Bundled up!


So early…and the fire is so warm!


The bus ride was uneventful and there were many people there already when we got there. It wasn’t long before we were allowed into the corrals. Corral D for us this race – one back from where we were for the 5k but at least not in the end corral.


We wandered around a bit in the corrals and stepped out a few times to use the porta-potties before finding a place to sit down on the towel we brought and huddle under the Mylar blankets for warmth.


Mylar everywhere!


As they started moving the corrals forward we stood up and got rid of the towel – we should have hung onto it for a while longer. Moving up from Corral D to the start line took quite a bit longer than it had from Corral C the day before – in reality the time probably wasn’t that long since the mini waves they were doing kept things going but in the cold weather it felt like an eternity.


I could tell my son was getting nervous including his stomach starting to feel “weird” – so I kept him talking about the run and about other stuff


Finally it was our chance to get moving.


Not a huge amount to see in the half of the race before you head into Epcot but we had fun. I let him set his own pace – he dictated when he wanted to run and when he wanted to walk. It was good to see he pushed himself without going crazy.


We entered Epcot / World Showcase between the Norway and China pavilions (which is different from the 5k which comes in between Mexico and Norway).


At this point I started filming some of the run (sun was starting to come up and World Showcase was beautiful) and taking some pictures. Some of those will be below as will be some of the Disney photographer pics.


There were definitely characters out for pictures but we decided it was too cold to stop and opted to keep moving instead of standing in lines.


After you enter World Showcase you loop through that area of Epcot and exit out the International Gateway (Epcot’s back door to the Boardwalk hotel area) and cross the bridge to run along the Boardwalk. After that area you run past the Dolphin and Swan resorts before passing Disney’s Yacht Club and Disney’s Beach Club resorts and their great pool (Stormalong Bay).


You then enter the Epcot backstage area beside International Gateway – there was some construction there as they are building a SkyWay station in that location. They spiced up the construction area with some dressed up “construction workers” who helped cheer everyone on.


After the backstage you re-enter World Showcase by the England Pavilion, pass Canada and then head toward the Fountain of Nations and Spaceship Earth. You run around Spaceship Earth and then out toward the Epcot parking lot and the finish line.


The first half of the race isn’t particularly exciting but he second half is probably the best 3 miles of scenery you could hope for on a race.




As we progressed we got beautiful light as the sun was coming up – it ended up being a great day to run (if a bit too cold).


Trying to catch Spaceship Earth on his head.


Coming up on Spaceship Earth


Spaceship Earth


Spaceship Earth


Passing Spaceship Earth – photo by runDisney


In the end, even with a few picture stops, the boy managed to push us to a faster pace than what we did on the 5k the day before. And he looked strong the whole way – super proud of him for training and pushing himself leading up to the races. The back to back races have to have worn on him but he push though strong! Good job dude!


focused on the end – photo by runDisney – watch the shoe laces!


And across the line! photo by runDisney


He did – pic courtesy of runDisney


We did it together – pic by runDisney


Thumbs up!


Fighting Cancer and now the 10K at Walt Disney World Marathon – Bindu Panapalli’s inspiring story!

Today is the third in my series of inspirational stories shared by Cigna. Today’s is the story of Bindu Panapali, her fight with cancer and her hard work with Achilles International leading up to running the 10k at Disney World in January!

Cigna is the primary sponsor of the Walt Disney World Marathon event in January and they have invited me to take part in a Blogger / Social Media Meet Up over the weekend. I am super excited about that!

Hope you enjoy the article!


Bindu Panapalli, 47 years old and resident of Glen Allen, Va. near Richmond, always felt a desire to help people with cancer through research. By February 2016, she found herself at the start of 18 months of firsthand experience battling the disease through three surgeries and eight rounds of chemo – she just didn’t know it at the time.

Her journey began with a scheduled surgery to treat fibroids and a hysterectomy, leaving her bedridden. Six weeks later, persistent pain led the doctor to find a bowel obstruction and scheduled another surgery. This time, the doctor discovered ovarian cancer and it spread. Six rounds of chemotherapy, which also caused numbness in her leg hindering her ability to walk, stretched from summer into the fall. By November, the third surgery removed the rest of the cancer, but the battle still required two more rounds of chemotherapy in February 2017 before she could finally say she would feel like she’s truly recovering.

Bindu Panapalli – Fightning Cancer to running 10K

“I never thought I would get cancer,” Bindu recalled. “Even before all this, I wanted to help people with cancer as a researcher. After the diagnosis and treatment, I volunteered at the cancer treatment center every Thursday encouraging people during chemotherapy treatment. I was even on the bone marrow donor list.”

By August, she felt ready to start thinking about a return to work. She researched what her employer’s Cigna disability insurance benefits offered including the vocational coaching program, so she requested referral. That’s when she met Robin Randol, her Cigna vocational coach, who offered assistance.

“Every customer’s needs are different,” said Robin. “What she wanted was to build up her physical strength, so we talked about self-care and various strategies and tips to address fatigue and stamina. She also wanted to find a new job that matched her passion. We talked about career goals, updated her resume, and I provided help researching job leads.”

Well-educated, Bindu’s background includes nearly enough for a doctorate from India. She hopes to take her work history, education, and personal experience to help people.
“I want to help people,” said Bindu. “I want to interact with patients. Not sit in a lab anymore, but a make a real difference in people’s lives. Now, that I’ve had this experience fighting cancer, I can be even more helpful.”

Robin helped prepare her for job interviews and gave her the encouragement she’s needed to help take back her health and move closer to a job for which she can feel truly passionate.

One of the training programs Robin offered was the Cigna customer referral program with Achilles International, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities participate in athletic events. Cigna partners with organizations like Achilles International to help customers achieve their health and return to work goals by providing: access to additional rehabilitation resources including ergonomic office equipment, software, education and accommodations to help customers stay safe and be productive at work, encouragement and support, resume review and job placement assistance.

As a result of her hard work and dedication, Cigna offered Bindu the opportunity to participate in the Walt Disney World® 10K presented by Cigna on Friday, January 5th as a member of Team Cigna. She will be guided on the race course by Jonathan Prokup, Cigna’s executive sponsor of Achilles International and General Counsel for Cigna.
“I’m celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary in January at the race,” said Bindu. “When I cross that finish line, I want to raise a glass and celebrate life.”

The Cigna Customer Referral Program with Achilles International demonstrates Cigna’s promise to partner with customers “Together, All the Way” along their unique health journey. When injury or illness occurs, Cigna helps them get back on track to achieve their goals.

“For Cigna customers, participating in a race represents a healthy milestone on the road to recovery, but also independence,” said Robin. “As people gain physical strength, they also build confidence, which can positively affect all areas of your life.”

“Cancer is a part of me,” said Bindu. “It changed my life completely. Now, because of Robin, I’m back at work part time work with a new employer building towards full time. I want to thank Robin because now I can look forward.”


An amazing story! Good luck to Bindu on the Walt Disney World 10k! Maybe we will see you on the course.

Hope everyone enjoyed the article!


3.5 miles yesterday and 5 miles today – with my son joining in for 1

I managed to squeak in 3.5 Dopey Challenge training miles last night on the treadmill after I thought I had lost my opportunity to get the miles in earlier in the day. So that was a nice surprise…time and energy at the same time!

I then started this morning with some pool and hot tub time to get a relaxing start to the day before my wife, Heather, had to head out.

She took our daughter (K) with her so it was a good opportunity to grab our son (T) and get him moving and excited to start training for the 10k race during the Disney World Marathon weekend.

The four of us are signed up for the 5k on the Thursday, T and I are doing the 10k and then I have the half and full to round out the Dopey Challenge for the weekend.

It should be an interesting trip but to make sure T finds it enjoyable, I need to make sure he gets trained up and stays excited about the race. He has done a couple 5ks before but it would be good if he could do the 10k with energy left over to have fun that day.

So training it is!

In the end he did 1 mile on Heather’s treadmill (which I am not allowed to touch in case I break it…again). He did some running and some walking and tried a bit of speed to test himself out. And I watched to make sure he was being safe. (full treadmill safety briefing supplied before he got on) He did great and maintained his enthusiasm, which is phenomenal.

I did 5 miles on the more robust treadmill (that I have still managed to break once…so far) getting in some speed work. This was good – while I am not as fast as I once was, the speed work does help you feel more alive. A very helpful thing to do to get past what can seem like trudging when doing longer runs on the treadmill.

A good couple days of running as I start getting myself properly motivated to train again.

Weight on the other hand is odd – my weight jumped 3 pounds in 2 days?? I believe this is due to stress and anxiety so I am really focusing on trying to relax more to back off the stress. I am also starting to more closely regiment what I am eating to help both the stress and the weight.

Stay tuned for more!!