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7 steady miles on the treadmill in 58:54. Going to start slowly increasing daily mileage through the week.

I managed to get in a couple sets of swimming pool resistance exercises tonight while I was in the pool with our daughter for a while before she went to bed.

After she was tucked in I got started on the treadmill – I figured I wanted to go steady and fairly strong to build back up some endurance and get used to spending lots of time moving (not every run can end in 30-40 minutes after all).

So I started out at 7 mph and went solid for 30 minutes before taking a 1 minute walk break. I then kicked it up to 7.2 mph until the 45 minute mark and then pushed up to 7.5 mph to finish out the 7 miles.

I was half tempted to keep going in shoot for 10 but it was already getting pretty late and I need to get to bed tonight early tonight and try to get caught up on my sleep. I was pretty wobbly when I took the dogs out at 5:20 this morning and I maybe got back to sleep for 30 minutes more before I had to get up for work. If the dogs are going to keep doing that, then I need to start getting to bed earlier and using that early morning time to get some summer mileage in!

We’ll see how that goes.

I’m still trying to determine what my training plan will be for the 12 hour Lemming Loop in October but I am pretty sure it is going to mean pushing over 200 miles a month for the next 3 months. That is a big leap over what I have been doing but if I can be careful and keep the speed work to a minimum and take the slow runs easy, it should be possible. But I will need to keep a very close eye on how I am feeling to make sure I’m not over training!

Again…we’ll see how that goes.

5 miles in 39:34 on the treadmill – decently solid run – slowly rebuilding.

Got on the treadmill tonight a bit earlier than normal tonight – maybe a bit too early. Running that close to supper made me a feel a bit sluggish but overall not too bad, I just needed to make sure I didn’t push too hard and lose it!

I basically did 1 min at 7 mph followed 1 minute at 8 mph – I did this alternation for a few miles and then started bumping the 8 mph portions up to 2 minutes at a time. At the half hour mark I walked for a minute and then got back into alternating 7 and 8 finishing up with the last 2:34 at 8.

A solid run.

Right after the run I hopped in the pool for a half hour with the wife and kids and did a couple sets of swimming pool resistance exercises to finish up.

Minutes after that I got called into work – not bad timing there!

I will continue ramping up the mileage from here – maybe 6 miles tomorrow and will most like shoot for a half marathon distance over the weekend and possibly a 3 hour run. I will play it by ear but I am feeling good and will pushing until I start to see warning signs from the body.

8.72 miles in 1:24 – very hot and humid this morning. Rain at about mile 6 helped

My training mileage this week hasn’t been all that great to be honest.

I got in an ok treadmill 5 miler on Tuesday and then a very good 8.85 miles outside yesterday and then this morning’s run was a bit of a struggle.

I put up twitter posts of the first two of those runs but as a recap – Tuesday was 5 miles in 38:14 and then Saturday’s was 8.85 in 1:18:46 and I felt very strong on Saturday’s run.

I had planned to get up early (expecting the puppies to get me up around 5:30) so that I get in a 20 miler this morning before it got too hot. But I didn’t plan on not falling to sleep until well after midnight (closer to 1 am) then being woken by a thunderstorm around 3 and then by our son having gotten sick around 4. Luckily he is feeling much better but it took a solid 30-40 minutes to clean up his room. The dogs were of course up with all the commotion so they were off schedule. By 5 am, everything that needed to be done was sorted and I could have gone running then but I was looking at less than 3 hours sleep so I figured I would lay on the couch and set an alarm for 6 and then go after that…I know I heard the alarm but it was closer to 8 before I was conscious again. So by the time I got myself moving it was closer to 9 and already very hot and humid – not sure what the temperatures were but they felt pretty oppressive.

So I changed up my plan and decided that I would just do 5 miles and look at getting in the long run tomorrow morning instead. With that in mind I didn’t bring a drink with me as it was going to just be a short run. Then I changed my mind and decided to try a new route through a new subdivision…which ended up being longer than I expected. Instead of 5 miles I hit 8.72 miles in the end. The pace was pretty steady even with the heat but interestingly my speed dropped off a bit around the 6 mile mark right around the time the rain started. The rain helped cool things down a bit and I would have figured my pace would have picked up a bit but instead I slowed down. I was probably just a bit burnt by that point and the damage had already been done so the cooler temps just weren’t able to have the desired effect. Plus the lack of liquids probably hit around then too.

I hadn’t brought liquids with me for the run yesterday either and didn’t see the same speed drop off but it was cooler yesterday so I was sweating quite so bad either. Another reminder to drink when it is hot outside…

This morning also marks the 2 week point leading up to the Manitoba Marathon. Frankly, I am not ready. My last run greater than 13.1 was 18.2 miles on March 22nd. And on March 29th I did a double run day to hit 20.12 that day (13.1 afternoon + 7.02 night). Both of these days were prior to me getting sick in early April and the lack of running that resulted from that. So basically I haven’t done a really long run in months and haven’t done one since I got sick so I’m not sure if I am even capable of a marathon at this point.

And that is why I want to try to do a 20 miler tomorrow – to get that confidence and to understand where I am. It probably won’t be fun but I think it needs to be done – but like always, life has a way of changing your plans.

At this point I know I am capable of still doing a sub 2 hour half marathon but I am not sure what I am capable of after I get past 13.1. So my current guess (which may change tomorrow) is that I will try to go easy on the first half and be in the 2:00-2:10 range and then do what it takes to finish. I suspect I am going to be closer to 5 hours – which is frustrating but at this point I have to take a step back and treat the Manitoba Marathon as part of my training for the 12 hour Lemming Loop in early October.

The Lemming Loop is my goal race for this year now that the Dopey Challenge is done and I won’t be training for any of the Walt Disney World Marathon races in January 2016. My goal for the Lemming Loop is to at a minimum break over the 50 mile mark (hit 49.278 last year) but would love to make it over 60 miles. I am going to say my actual goal there is to complete 2 marathons (52.4 miles) and every step after that will be a bonus.

Beyond running I have been trying to get other exercising in as well – I am still doing my daily chin ups, triceps dips and push ups and 1-3 sets of swimming pool resistance training exercises every time I get in the pool.

Look for more posts and updates on the site soon as I build out my plan for the Lemming Loop and training for the summer.

Washed the dogs, fixed 2 faucets, patched some drywall and ran 5 miles in 36:16 on the treadmill – productive night!

The pups were pretty stinky tonight so before I did anything I had to get that sorted out! Washed the 2 of them with our daughter and did not make nearly the mess I expected to! Gotta love a nice clean, fluffy puppy.

It’s a good thing their cute though since they chewed up the drywall on one corner in the kitchen. So had to fix that.

Also found while washing the dogs that we had a leaky tap in that bathroom and one of the other bathrooms had a tap you had to be careful with otherwise you would find it dripping. That needs to be fixed too…

Trip to the hardware store to grab the parts and spackle and then home to get everything sorted out.

Then bedtime story for the girl, and then the wife and our son got home from his music lessons and got him tucked in.

Finally time for a breather and a chance to get the run in for the night! Pretty late by this point so I decided to swap tomorrow’s 5 miler speed run with tonight’s 10 miler. Should have lots more time tomorrow to get the 10 in!

Lungs were still feeling a bit chunky from the cold but things are definitely mending so I decided I would hammer pretty hard at the start and see how things went. If I had to back off then so be it but if I didn’t the fast run would do me a world of good.

Started out with a minute at 7 mph and then bumped up to 9 mph for a minute. That minute was tough but I still hadn’t oxygenated properly yet so I didn’t give up and tried a minute at 7 again before bumping up to 9 again…success! Still tougher than it used to be but was able to sustain and get 2 minutes in at 9. At that point I started 5 minute cycles that went 7-9-7-9-9 for a while and then occasionally through in 3 minutes at 9. Around the 20 minute mark I was doing a minute at 7 followed by 2 minutes at 9. At the half hour mark I had to walk for a minute but then I hit it hard again finishing out the 5 miles in 36:16. A very decent time and one I am quite happy to see.

Lots of rebuilding to do still but I apparently can still do some speed work so I will keep pushing at that as I start testing to see what I still have for endurance. I have that 10 miler going tomorrow and then a 13.1 training run on Saturday and a 20+ on Sunday if I can pull it off. If I can make it happen it will give me my first 50+ mile week in many months. So fingers crossed there.

Again, stay tuned!


5 miles tonight in 37:27- pretty decent run as I start to recover from the cold. Less than 4 weeks until Manitoba Marathon!

So it has been a few days since I last posted – I did put up my various runs on twitter but I should get them up here on the blog as well!

Saturday May 23rd – 4.45 miles in 40:22 outside – very warm and sunny – so different from the week before! Definitely felt the heat though even though I ran fairly early.

Sunday May 24th – 4.45 miles in 39:07 outside – still quite warm but I did better with the heat today. I had intended a 20 miler today but had to let it go because I couldn’t get the coughs to stop long enough. 4 weeks from 24th is the Manitoba Marathon – I am not ready. I haven’t done anything longer than a half in a couple months between being brought down pretty hard back in April and then this cold over the last week. I am going to have to push for consistency over the next few weeks to get as good a base going as I can!

Tuesday May 26th – 5 miles in 37:27 on the treadmill – pushed fairly hard tonight even though I was feeling pretty burnt out. I put in some decent pushes of sustained speed – I hit 9 mph a few times with a maximum of 3 minutes at one point.

Beyond the running we also have the backyard swimming pool open and I have been taking advantage of that. Something like 8-10 hours in the pool overall over the weekend splashing around which should help the legs a bit.

I also have started ramping in swimming pool resistance exercises for upper body strength and to help a bit with cardiovascular strength as well. You can do pool resistance exercises faster than you can with free weights or machines with much less impact to the joints – this lets you get in a bit of a cardio workout on top of strengthening benefits.

I tend to do 3 sets of exercises back to back which helps with endurance as well.

While doing these exercises I am holding resistance increasing handheld “dumbbells”.

One of the nice things about swimming pool resistance exercises is that you can target opposite muscle sets as part of the same exercise. For example I do an exercise that mimics bicep curls in one direction and then triceps extensions in the other. Ends up being more efficient working the major muscle groups – there will be a limitation on how strong you can get with these methods (much like body weight resistance exercises) but I am not out to build bulk or mass at this point.

So I end up doing sets of 3 different exercise combinations for 25 repetitions each with no breaks, and I do them quickly enough that I end breathing pretty heavy by the end of the last set of exercises.

I work the chest and upper back in one set, the biceps and triceps in another (as mentioned above) and then the third set targets the shoulders and lats.

Combining this with my chin ups, dips and push ups every day should help build / maintain some solid upper body strength.

I will be taking advantage of the pool even more as I go along to add in deep water running to reduce some of the strain on my legs. I have signed up for the 12 hour Lemming Loop again for the beginning of October and beyond doing lots of multi-hour long runs I should be able to add in the deep water running to multi-task while hanging with the family in the pool.

Anyway – bit of a rambling post for the night. But long story short – coming off this cold and starting to feel healthy and I am going to start pushing hard to get back to where I want to be!

Stay tuned…