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5 miles in 34:46 @ 1%- I’m going to feel that in the morning! 4 days til my 1st race of the spring #wpshalfmarathon!

Wasn’t sure what was going to happen tonight on the treadmill. I got on with a sore back and a headache…after about 5 minutes both of those worries were gone. Whoohoo!

I did my version of intervals tonight – 1 minute at a slower speed, 1 minute at a faster speed, 1 minute back at the slower speed and 2 minutes at the faster speed for a total of 5 minutes. Then repeat with no breaks. I picked the “slow speed” tonight to be 7.5 mph which was still a decent push and the fast speed to 9 mph. After 2 of these cycles I started bumping how fast the fast speed was by 0.1 mph each time I went fast. In the end I hit 10 mph for the last 1:46. A very solid run and possibly the fastest I have done a 5 miler in a long time.

And now there are just two more runs to go this week before the Run at the Ridge Family 2k on Saturday with my wife and kids. Should be fun – going to let the boy (almost 8) run full tilt and see what happens. I will drift along behind in case he has any issues. My wife and daughter (5.5) will run together and probably be back a little ways. My daughter is super pumped because my wife is making her a running skirt. After the run there is a family breakfast that the kids enjoyed last year too, so I’m actually looking forward to the whole thing.

That should also be a nice little stress relief and leg stretch before the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon on Sunday. I still don’t know where that race is going to fall – I still want to beat my PR of 1:46:11 but I would also be happy to come close to my top run from last fall of 1:47:14. Getting nervous at this point but it should be good.

Two weeks to Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon

So it is 2 weeks today to the WPS Half Marathon.  My times seem ok on the treadmill – they are certainly an improvement over where I was going into the Goofy Race and Half Challenge in January but I don’t really know where I stand right now for the upcoming race.

The weather still is not cooperating for running outside – I have had 2 outdoor runs on gravel in the past month or so and they have both been slow.  It snowed today (on April 21st?  Can this end already and warm up?) and I was not prepared to do a 3 hour run outside.

I am going into one of the tough weeks: -/5/10/5/-/10/20 this week so a total of 50 miles this week – making it through should do good things for my confidence but a few outdoor runs would really help.  I would love to be able to the 10 and 20 on Saturday and Sunday outside to really see where I am.

The week after that is relatively light to allow a bit of a taper going into the half marathon race.  -/5/6/5/-/2k/13.1

The 2k is the Run at the Ridge race that I will be doing with my son, daughter and wife.  It is a bit of a family / community race that is run in and around the elementary school my son goes to.  Not sure how that is going to go – the best would be for us all to run together but I know my son, who is older than my daughter, will want to run ahead.  He did really well last year but I’m not sure he has the same endurance he had last year since we can’t seem to get outside to run and play too much due to the weather.  So it would be better if we could convince him to just run with us.  Not sure if that will happen though.  Should be interesting.

I am in the second wave at the WPS Half – they have never had wave starts before so I don’t know how that will go either.  Plus the long range weather trend isn’t looking all the great for that day either.  There are apparently still large snow piles in the starting area that haven’t melted yet and considering the temperature isn’t really forecast to get much warmer yet (high temperature forecast for tomorrow is 13C colder than the normal highs for this time of year), I don’t know if the snow will melt by the time of the race or not.  So weather could definitely play a factor – maybe not the heat factor from the Goofy this year but standing around in colder weather waiting for the race to start (especially with waiting for a second wave start) could have an impact.  Always interesting.