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5 miles in 36:46 @ 1% – testing out redesigned Nike Pegasus 31s – worked quite well!

I decided to do a quick unscheduled run tonight to test out a pair of Nike Pegasus 31s I bought last week. The shoe is fairly heavily redesigned and I was not sure how they were going to work for me, so I wanted to give them a test go before I put them in the rotation for my regularly scheduled runs. The change in the toe-heel height difference and the fact I had to get a different size shoe than I normally do had me concerned.

My legs were shot today after being back to work after a week off – they did not want to be under that desk! So they started to rebel a bit when I started running but that was the legs and not the shoes.

I started out a steady 7 mph just to make sure I wasn’t going to have an immediate bad reaction and to try to work the kinks out of my tired legs. By the time I hit the 5 minute mark I was starting to feel better in my legs so I pushed a bit higher up to 7.5 mph. I did that for another 5 minutes before bumping up to 8 mph for 5. At this point I was pretty sure I was just going to do 2 miles and call the run a success but at the 15 minute mark I bumped the speed to 8.5 mph and everything seemed to click. By the time I hit the 20 minute mark I knew I was going to do a full 5 mile run. I bumped the speed up to 9 mph and then to 9.5 at the 25 minute mark.

I stopped for a 1 minute walk at 30 minutes and them hopped back up to 8 mph and then bumped the speed 0.2 mph every minute until I finished the 5 miles in 36:46.

All in all a very good run on tired and sore legs.

The shoes did really well also, I really thought the toe-heel height change was going to be an issue because I could feel it when walking around in the shoes but on the treadmill it didn’t appear to be an issue (maybe because of the incline?). I will have to try them outside as well to see how they work for me out in the real world but so far I am surprised and happy!

I also did some swimming pool resistance training tonight before supper – so a good calorie burn all around tonight.