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6 miles in 43:26 – brings July up to 201.02 miles – best month ever! I think I deserve a beer.

I did a 10 miler last night in 74:16 on the treadmill that I didn’t post about (I did tweet it but didn’t put anything on the site). After and during that run my knee was really hurting – the same way it was back in May before I pulled my hamstrings – so I went in the pool right after the run to try to stretch and work it out. It did seem to help as I had no issues with all day today. Whew!

Run tonight was 6 miles in 43:26 and the knee seemed ok – no real issues at all – I could feel that it was tight and not really happy but no pain. I started the run a bit slower to see if anything was going to happen but as I continued without problems I started increasing the speed. No issues or worries. That’s nice to see.

I am glad tomorrow is a rest day and it is supposed to be nice and warm – there will be relaxing by the pool (and some stretching in the pool) tomorrow.

I’m thinking I might get in the pool tonight even to make sure the leg is good but I should go hydrate first…maybe some kind of beer like liquid…