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Holiday Loot

Below are some of the cool items I received from my wife for Christmas this year that are geared towards the Goofy Challenge run this year:

Emergency blankets – will take these instead of a couple of big black garbage bags that I mentioned in the “to take list” – simpler to pack and may get a few less weird looks if I put them in my carry on bag…

Waterproof wallet – made of Tyvek (house wrap) with a Simpsons pattern – pretty cool.  My wife figured maybe I could use it to hold stuff during the runs without worrying about getting my leather wallet wet.  Interesting idea but I most likely will end up still putting stuff in the arm band for the media player (one less thing to carry).  Still it will end up being a nice little travel wallet for when I won’t need to be carrying around as many ID cards (for work, the gym, gas points, etc).

Medal hanger – put up in my computer room to hang my running medals.  It has labels for 13.1, 26.2 and 39.3 – I put all my medals on it and it is looking pretty cool.  The location I put it is on my “me” wall in our office where I had previously hung the medals on a few nails.  This is much cleaner and shows off the medals nicely.


Note – the little netbook and external monitor there is not my main pc that I do most of my computer work at home on nor is it my nice new laptop I picked up about a week ago.  I mostly use that one currently to teach my son how to use computers and to act as a bit of a print server.