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I’m back! Some random thoughts my plans for fall races. Including the 24 hour Lemming Loop

Hi! Long time no post!

I am going to start to post more regularly again – I promise!

As a bit of a catch up post I wanted to do a bit of a write up of the races I have signed up to run in the fall and go through what my mental process was for those decisions.

So I haven’t run a race since Fargo Marathon back in May. I normally do the Manitoba Marathon on Father’s day but the timing didn’t work this year due to family commitments. From what I have heard from those that ran this year, it was brutal with the heat and humidity. That is one thing I have found for the Manitoba Marathon – it seems to be either really hot and humid or rainy and cold – never seems to be the best running weather.

Since Fargo my running has been fairly light but I have been slowly rebuilding over the last while and hope to be ready for some decent fall races. That then gives me a head start on my training for my 6th Goofy Challenge in January.

In ages past, I have taken it easy for the summer after the Manitoba Marathon and then started training for the Goofy Challenge in September but I found that I much preferred to try to stay in shape with fall races to make the Goofy Challenge training (and races) easier to handle.

With that in mind I decided to look at the various races that are fairly local in the fall and see what would work for me and my schedule. Some of the races that came up:

  1. Treherne Marathon – September 11th – this one is about an hour drive from home on mostly farm roads with some rolling hills. I haven’t done this race before but I know others who have and enjoyed it.
  2. Fort Garry Rotary Half Marathon – September 18th – I have run this one before a couple times and it is a nice course. It goes through areas of town that other races in Winnipeg don’t go through and it is pretty scenic.
  3. Grand Forks Marathon – September 24th – about an hour and half drive from home. It is an inaugural race which would be interesting. But would require overnighting out of town.
  4. Lemming Loop – Sept 30th / Oct 1st – 24/12/6/3 hour options. I have done the 12 hour race twice, once just missing 50 miles and once going just over 50 miles. Both those times were on a different course than it is going to be on this year. The race used to always be done at Beaudry Park just outside the city but for a couple years it was in a park in the city due to flooding issues at the original venue. But now they are moving back to the original venue that is rougher and longer (loops are about double the length).
  5. Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services Half marathon (WFPS) – Oct 16th – a good race that I have done several times.

Some thoughts that go through my head when I look at that list:

  1. I need a good proof of time by October 4th to send to runDisney for corral placement for the Goofy Challenge in January. My more recent races have not been particularly quick so I would like a quicker time to submit. And I will need a time from a half or a full for that. Fort Garry Rotary Half would be good…if I’m not too burnt by running a full the week before.
  2. The inaugural Grand Forks Marathon would be cool but it would require a hotel stay…but…if I did it and the Lemming Loop the next week, it would let me qualify for Marathon Maniacs which I missed out on with the blown 50k at Spruce Woods back in the spring.
  3. Treherne Marathon could also be used for Marathon Maniacs with the Grand Forks Marathon and it would probably be a less painful way to get that qualification than doing a marathon one week and an ultra the next…But if Grand Forks is out due to travel and I am looking at Fort Garry Rotary Half for a good race time then I would just be doing Treherne Marathon to add another number to the Marathon tally.
  4. Lemming Loop…ahh the Lemming Loop – I am so drawn by the 24 hour race just to see what a really long ultra would be like in a relatively safe environment where say I couldn’t walk off a cliff in a stupor. The other side of this is that I wouldn’t want to do less than my last 12 hour Lemming Loop and with the more difficult terrain, if I do the 12 hour again that would be a distinct possibility. Maybe I could do the 24 hour and plan for naps? Just do anything to make sure I am over 50 miles? Hmmm….On the other hand I don’t want to do this and blow it like I did the 50k at Sprucewoods Ultra.
  5. WFPS half – I will most likely do this one – it is a bit of a tradition at this point and it is the last race of the season here so it is a good test as I head into the last 2 months of Goofy Challenge training

So as I was going through all of those thoughts and worries and realized that I have a family wedding to go to out of town on September 24th. So doing Grand Forks Marathon would require me to finish very quickly, get cleaned up, drive home (crossing the US/Canada border in the process), get home and grab the family and drive 2 hours to the wedding. And then would change at the wedding probably? Timing would have to be perfect to make that happen and nothing lately says my marathon time would be good enough to give me much breathing room.

Well – Grand Forks is out and with it that means that Marathon Maniacs won’t happen either as the Treherne Marathon and the Lemming Loop are too far apart to meet the requirements. And that means Treherne is probably out too if I want to make sure I have speed in my legs for the Fort Garry Rotary half the next week for race timing.

That leaves Lemming Loop. What to do there? How different is the terrain at the venue versus where I have run it before?

To help answer that question I headed out to the park late one Friday morning and did 3 loops around (about 10.5 miles) to see what it was like and to get familiar with the terrain. And that all worked pretty well besides not putting on enough bug spray the first loop.

So that means I can do Lemming Loop and survive but my speed showed that 50 miles in 12 hours at my current conditioning level might be unlikely. With about 9-10 weeks to train it could happen but it is a risk….OK 24 hours it is and I will plan naps. I will do another post eventually discussing what kind of mileage I will be shooting for but basically 52.4 miles (double marathon) with an extreme stretch goal of 78.6 miles (triple marathon). A miracle will have to happen to get that stretch goal though…but maybe I could hit 100k? Really though I need to make sure to get past 50k to rebuild my ego after Sprucewoods.

Now at the time of this writing I have signed up for the Fort Garry Rotary half with my wife (who is looking for times for corral placement for the Glass Slipper Challenge in February) and the 24 hour Lemming Loop. I will sign up for the WFPS Half marathon as well but I am going to wait until I see how Lemming Loop training damages me.

I might also sign up for the Treherne Marathon and use it as a training run for the Lemming Loop but it would be more efficient to do a long run near home, so we will see on that one.

I am going to cut this post at this point and I should be back with more posts in the next few days on things like my Lemming Loop training and gear plans.

Thanks for reading!

My initial thoughts for 2016 – run streak and a shot at Goofy Challenge 2017?

So I have been thinking for a while about what my goals and plans for 2016 should be. While I did have some great events, overall my running did not go very well in 2015. My mileage and speed are way down and the weight I previously lost is coming too far back – not good things.

I had indicated at the start of last year that I wanted to back off a bit because I felt I was putting too much time into the running and maybe falling down in other areas – family, hobbies, etc.

But the way I backed off wasn’t the way I would have wanted it to happen. There were some legitimate illness and injuries that had an impact but a big part of the issue was a loss of motivation and energy. Running used to be a habit but that fell off – meaning that I used to run out of habit even if I was tired or not motivated and I have lost that.

So that is the first thing I need to fix this year and to do that I am going to run streak.

Now I have tried run streaking before and it did not go well. But I did it differently during that attempt than what I plan to do it this time. When I did it before, I did it including double run days – I would do my normal 5 days a week training plan but would also add in a couple mile morning run every day before work – giving me up to 10 runs in a week. I did not adapt to the change in the sleep cycle well and I maybe lasted 9 or 10 days before I fell apart on a 2 mile run.

So I won’t do it that way this time. Instead I will ramp up to doing the 5 days a week run schedule and will do a single mile on the rest days. I am hoping this will get me to the point where, even if I am tired or unmotivated, I will run no matter what.

How long a streak though? It is a leap year and I love the idea of run streaking the whole 366 days. Granted I also ran Dec 31st so it would be 367 days. That is a bit of a daunting task considering how little I have been running, so I will start with setting the first goal as run streaking January. Once that is achieved I will break it down to run streak each month until the year is done.

That should make take care of getting back in the habit of running all the time, but how do I get myself back into running long distances? I did pull off 50+ miles in the 12 Hour Lemming Loop back in early October but that was more about experience and shear pig-headedness than about any sort of conditioning really. As I think about it, about the only thing that has made me truly commit to training has been the Goofy Challenge and the Dopey Challenge. So I am going to lay it out there that I am going to train to do the Goofy Challenge in January 2017. I don’t know yet if I can make that work financially but I am going to mentally commit to it – I have done 5 and want to do a 6th. That means everything I do through 2016 is going to be as part of a training plan for January 2017. Usually a marathon training plan comes in around 18 weeks but I am giving myself 50+ weeks so I will need to have several milestone races / runs along the way that will break the period down into more manageable chunks.

I don’t have that fully worked out yet but I have a few races running through my mind:

  1. Hypothermic Half marathon on Feb 21st – this one probably won’t work as we are vacation until the 20th and I don’t know if I would be able to hit package pickup or not. I will be investigating further.
  2. WPS Half marathon on May 1st – this race is where I hold my half PR (1:46:00 – 2014) but was about 10 minutes slower in 2015 due to illness. I will be looking for redemption on this race – maybe not a PR but back to sub 1:50 would be the goal) This means lots of speed work through March and April.
  3. Spruce Woods Ultra marathon event – the weekend after the WPS Half marathon – they trail marathon, 50k, 50 mile, 100k and 100 mile options all with decently generous time limits – so maybe, just maybe I might do something that will scare the hell out me here…
  4. Fargo Marathon – May 21st – just a bit of a drive away from Winnipeg but it is a flat course and the weather seems to average better than the Manitoba Marathon a month later which is a positive for someone coming off of several months of winter running. This one gives me a better shot at getting back to the low 4 hour range, possibly even PR or finally breaking below 4 hours.
  5. Manitoba Marathon – June 19 – If I have been training well and consistently at this point then hammering out a new full marathon PR would be the goal (currently 4:09:44 in 2014) – my marathon PR is for this race but my history with the weather on this one is not great (I have a tendency to get spanked by the heat or drenched).
  6. Treherne Marathon – Sept 11 – I haven’t done this one before and it is only a bit of a drive from home. It is done mostly on back country unpaved roads and I have, up to this point, ruled out doing this race because I keep getting an image of it raining and making the roads a mess. But this one may help me stay motivated through the summer.
  7. Fort Garry Rotary Half Marathon – not sure the date yet but is usually a couple weeks after Treherne Marathon. This can be a good race to show off summer conditioning as we head into the fall.
  8. Lemming Loop – Sept 30 / Oct 1 – I have done the 12 hour event 2 years in a row and I am thinking of doing the unthinkable and moving up to the 24 hour event.
  9. WFPS Half Marathon – October 16 – only a couple weeks after the 12 or 24 hour Lemming Loop and I could be exhausted for this race. But I have done this one several years in a row and it is a tradition at this point.
  10. Wine and Dine Half Marathon – my wife and I thought about doing this one for our 10th anniversary last year but it didn’t work out. So maybe this year as a couple’s trip?

So I don’t know what I will do for sure but those are the races I am currently pondering.

One other major motivation idea I am looking at is tracking my yearly mileage as the miles I would need to get to Disney World from my house. Google Maps lists this as 1928.75 miles – I did 1971 in 2014 so it is possible. I will call this personal mission the “Run to the Goofy Challenge”. The bonus with this challenge is that if I start seeing myself getting close to that number later in the year it might drive me to go further – maybe beat the 1971 to have my highest mileage year ever or maybe even beat 2000 or 2016 miles?

To ensure I hit any of these milestones I will definitely need to tackle the sleep and weight issues I have been having but I have done it before and can do it again.

Basically I will need to break things down into more manageable chunks with sub goals to achieve and celebrate along the way. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet but I know I will have the ramp the mileage up slowly as I try to rebuild – so January won’t be 200 miles but maybe closer to the 130-150 range, but by the end of the year I should be hitting 200 mile months at least a few times.

A slow, strong, steady progression is key here.

Lots of work to do – but I will make sure to blog about it more frequently to help keep me honest and motivated.

Cheers to strong 2016!

4 miles in 34 min on the treadmill – short recovery and test run done! No permanent damage from the weekend!

Ok – time to suck it up and do a recovery run and assess where my body is after the Manitoba Marathon on Sunday!

I figured I would start off steady tonight and plan on doing 3 miles and going faster and / or longer depending on how things felt.

So I set the treadmill at 7 mph and I stayed at that speed for 3 miles. At that point I walked 45 seconds and decided to go further. I bumped the speed up to 7.5 mph until I hit the 3.75 mile mark, at that point I decided that I would stop at 4 miles so I bumped the speed again up to 8 mph and finished out the 3 miles in 34 minutes.

Overall things felt pretty good, no major aches or pains and nothing wanting to pull. I’m pretty happy about that!

I did notice that I was starting to feel a bit sluggish before I even hit the 3 mile mark and I assume that is just the body not having had a chance to properly refuel the muscles yet. That and the steak for supper might have slowed me down a bit too…

I am happy with that run and now can sit down and try to map out my training plan from now until October 3rd when the 12 hour Lemming Loop occurs. I have to say I am looking forward to getting into the hard training again – thinking back to last fall, I know that I just feel better on the weeks when I hit 50 miles or more.

Hopefully I will have the plan out and posted in the next couple days.

Manitoba Marathon 2015 recap – I reaped the consequences of no runs over 13.1 since March. But I learned some stuff.

To start with – the Manitoba Marathon was well organized again this year and as always the volunteers were fantastic along the course and at the finish! Another great race put on by the Manitoba Marathon team!


OK, so the day started off pretty early for me – the pups got me up a half hour before my alarm was set to go off for the race. No sleeping in I guess. Luckily I had gone to bed quite early and still got a good 7+ hours sleep or so. I’m glad I did because I knew it was going to be a rough run.

Folks that follow the blog or my twitter posts know that I had a rough couple months and my training really fell apart. By the numbers I had 556 miles on my shoes so far this year but at the same time last year I was at 810. A very significant difference year over year. The bad statistic though was the missing 18 and 20 milers. I knew I was going into the race trained to do an ok half marathon but not trained for a full at all. I was going to be relying on sheer determination, a lot of pent up frustration and whatever residual stamina I still had left from the Dopey Challenge training.

So basically I knew going into this race that it was not going to be great for me physically.

It was a beautiful day though and not raining like last year’s Manitoba Marathon so that was a positive but it was forecast to get pretty warm. Not Florida warm but still enough that it was going to be a factor in the race with the humidity.

Again this year I took the park and ride option instead of trying to find a parking spot at the race and everything worked pretty efficiently again. I basically got out of my vehicle and wandered over to the bus got on and we were on our way in a few minutes. It was a short drive and we were dropped off close to the bag drop tents. Very smooth.

The only hiccup was that I realized that I had forgotten to put on nipple protectors before I left the house…but I figured I would forget something and luckily I had packed a set in my hydration backpack and I put those on before I got on the bus. Apparently I was rushing though and one didn’t stick properly…more on that later.

I wandered around the start area, hit the port-a-potties and checked out the changes in the course right at the start. New this year was an adjustment to the course for where everyone starts. It used to start with a straight shot down a road but now there was a 90 degree turn about 100 feet from the start line. I was worried this was going to be an issue (thinking back to the hordes at Disney races and how crowded a corner like that could get). Luckily it wasn’t an issue but it definitely slowed down most folks through that first chunk of the course.

While wandering around, I ran into a gentleman from work who was out for his second marathon (first about a month or so previous). I had a good chat with him about strategies and different races and then we headed out to the get in our chosen finish time zones.

I chose to line up with the 4:30 run/walk pace group. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with them or not but it seemed like a good spot to start as I tested myself out. But I was still worrying about the heat and what that would do later in the race.

But then it was time to start – after a couple quick twitter interactions with Kenny (@runshooze on twitter) as he offered encouragement to help get me started.

I realized very quickly that heat was definitely going to be a factor and after pacing evenly for a few minutes I decided that sticking with the 4:30 pace group wasn’t going to work. Basically doing the math it meant I would probably hit the half about 2:10-2:15 (which didn’t match my previously determined plan of trying to hit around 2 hours and then just do what I could after) and the heat would be up and I would probably be already tanking out. This would then likely make it harder to keep going and probably do some hefty damage to my confidence.

So I weighed all the factors and decided to do something pretty dumb and the opposite of what all the marathon gurus will tell you. I decided to run the first half of the marathon fast – I was going to be struggling hard for the second half no matter what but I figured if I could get the first half done quicker, it would mean less time pushing in the heat later.

At that point then I bumped the speed up and decided to follow my original plan – hit the half at around 2 hours and go from there.

By mile 2 I had passed the 4 hour group and the 3:45 group – I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone else but it was what I figured I needed to do.

I passed mile 7 before the hour mark and the 3:45 group passed me shortly before the 8 mile point as I was already feeling the heat.

Right around the 9 mile marker a gentleman I interact with on Twitter (Anthony – @DrAnthonyH) caught up with me and we had a bit of chat about different races and our goals, etc. We also quickly talked about WDW Marathon races and then he continued on and I kept rolling on.

Less than a minute after that I saw Heather and my son and daughter up ahead cheering me on – I caught site of them just as Anthony was giving my son a high five.

They hadn’t spotted me yet so I put on a burst of speed and bolted up to my son and started tickling him instead of what he thought was going to be a high five from another anonymous runner. Surprised him pretty good! And, I think, the folks that were standing beside my family that didn’t know at first what was going on until my daughter gave me a hug and started saying “Happy Fathers’ Day!”

I chatted with them a little bit and then kept moving.

About mile 11 or so I felt some chafing and realized I had lost one of the nipple protectors – not much I could do about it then but I as I was wearing a white shirt I started to wonder what the shirt was going to look like when the race was done!

Just prior to the half way point the gentleman from work passed me and wished me luck on the rest of the race and at just about the half way point the 4 hour pace group passed me. I hit the halfway point at about 1:59 (so goal achieved).

It was at that point I ran into my family again as they had moved to a second viewing spot. We talked again at that point and off I went again.

Not too long after that I started to hit the wall for sure. I was still pushing but it was taking way more pushing to keep going. The heat was also definitely playing a factor at this point.

I also started adding a minute of walking after I hit every mile marker from here on out. I was carrying about 2 liters of liquid in my hydration pack that I had been using frequently but I started making sure to supplement with water at every water stop and using sponges to help cool off. Sponges were plentiful too so kudos to the Manitoba Marathon team for that!

I hit the 18 mile point at around 2:57 or so. That was great for my confidence – it was slow and pretty rough but I also knew I would be under 5 hours to complete.

At this point I sent out a proof of life tweet and got moving again.

Right after that I ran into the wife and kids again before continuing on. I didn’t run long before I ran into a family who was giving on freeze pops…and they had blue! It was glorious! Much thanks to those folks whoever they were!

I kept going from there and was struck at the difference in the weather from last year. This race was hot and sunny and last year I remember being so soaked that passing trucks splashing water onto me as I ran didn’t even phase me.

At about the 4 hour mark I decided to stop and send another proof of life tweet as I had hit right around mile 23. After I sent the tweet my phone started beeping that it had low battery. I wasn’t going to finish this without music so I popped off my hydration pack and dug out my spare battery.

After a relatively quick battery swap I was back on my way. The 4:30 pace group went past me around this point.

Shortly after that I saw the 10 mile marker for the half marathon folks (who share the same finish line) – only a 5k left to go. I knew I was going to survive!

My pace picked up a bit when I was running but I was doing shorter runs now of maybe 3-5 minutes at a time before walking again for 30-60 seconds.

I was here that I learned something very specific about my running that I am going to have to watch for in the future and train against. Basically when I would stop running I would feel a bit woozy, almost light headed but after a few seconds of breathing properly I would be fine and able to go again. I realized that as I was trying to run and push as hard as I could, I was tensing so much that I wasn’t breathing properly. It took me about 10-15 minutes to figure that out and then I was fine.

Then at about 24.5 miles I ran into the wife and kids one final time and I started the final push.

About this point I was probably half and half running versus walking but I was still moving and still coherent.

Then the final corner before I start in towards mile 26 and final stretch on the stadium track. Finished upright with no apparent injuries and under 5 hours. And even the lost nipple protector didn’t cause too much grief. Marathon #11 in the books.

I was handed a popsicle and slurped that down. Chatted with a lady who had just finished her first marathon and was asking other finishers around to sign her arms and legs, etc in celebration. Awesome for her! The Manitoba Marathon is great race for first timers – very friendly.

I then grabbed some water and had a quick chat with one of the volunteers who was obviously there to make sure that runners were still healthy and able to hold a conversation.

I then wandered out to the buses and got on. As I was getting on the bus driver asked “a bit stiff?” My response “no where near as stiff as I will be when I try to get off the bus!”

An accurate prediction – but surprisingly not bad.

I wandered out to my van, hopped in and drove home.

After unloading all my stuff I wandered into the kitchen for a big glass of milk and some bacon. If “recovery bacon” isn’t a thing, it should be.

Had a bit of a scare as I was sitting at the kitchen table leaning forward talking to the kids and getting my Fathers’ Day cards from them…my arms started to tingle a bit. Oh crap…but then I remembered the breathing lesson from about mile 24. I sat up straight, had a few deep breathes and everything returned to normal.

10 minutes later I was in the pool with the kids stretching out the legs and working the kinks out. While cooling off.

I got about a half hour there before we had to get dressed and head out to our son’s piano concert. He did awesome! (and I actually survived) Several people we didn’t know commented on how well he did and how much energy he had. Very cool!

After that we headed to Boston Pizza for a celebratory supper for all of us and I had a beer the size of my head.

And we ended up in the pool before bed again. A very good Fathers’ Day all around.

The next day I woke up and my left ankle was almost locked – after a bit of walking around though it worked itself out. Over the course of the day I went for a couple 40 minute walks that included a few jogging attempts that went well.

Now 2 days later my legs are fine and I suspect I will try a recovery run later today. I have already done swimming pool resistance exercises and 15 minutes of deep water running with no ill effects.

I may not be the fastest, or the strongest (or the most dedicated) runner but man I recover fast. And I am grateful for that!

So coming up I have the 12 hour Lemming Loop that I have signed up for in early October. And I also signed my wife and I up for the WFPS Half Marathon for a couple weeks after that.

I will be starting to work out a training schedule for the 12 hour Lemming Loop in the hopes of breaking over 52.4 miles in the 12 hours (49.278 last year). I will also looking to see if I will want to add the Treherne Marathon (which is about an hour drive away) in early September to my schedule as a training run and as maybe a chance for some marathon redemption.

I should be posting up my planned schedule and goals and such in the next few days – I am going to have to work hard this summer!

2.1 mile shakeout run – last run before Manitoba Marathon 2015 – am I ready?…uh, nope but I’ll get it done somehow.

Last run before the Manitoba Marathon and I felt pretty good. So I am going into the race healthy, which is good and was the main goal after I lost so much training time and endurance back in April and May.

So…what is the run going to be like tomorrow? What is my plan? What are my goals?

Well tomorrow should be a “character building exercise”. I haven’t done a good long run (over 13.1) since March and I don’t know what my mental game will be like later in the race. There will probably be a lot of “f**k this” moments that I will have to fight through.

My plan is to treat this not as a race but as a training run. It is 16 weeks today until the 12 hour Lemming Loop and hitting well over 50 miles in that endurance challenge will be my focus once I get done the race tomorrow. I’m hoping that treating the race like a long, slow training run will help the mental game and help me push through.

I know from recent runs that I can still pull around a 2 hour half marathon at what feels like a relatively easy pace. I expect that I will try to push myself to be just under 2 hours for the first half and then go hunting for The Wall. I don’t know where my personal wall stands at this point so I’m going to have to play that by feel. I’m hoping with not pushing too hard I will find it around mile 16-17 or so, or about 2.5 hours in.

From there the run will be about playing every trick I have learned in my previous 10 marathons (some of which I were in much worse shape for than I am now) to just keep going. Run/walk cycles, straight out walking, talking to myself, concentrating on something positive, switching to audio books instead of music to distract the mind, etc – all things I have tried before with different measures of success.

Strangely if I look at various marathon finish time calculators and plug in my WPS Half Marathon time from May, I get predictions just over the 4 hour mark and a new PR. That is pretty hilarious – I suspect that won’t happen but it strangely is in the realm of possibility because of other elements that have slowed my best marathon races down. For example my 2 fastest marathons 4:09:44 and 4:15:01 were both heavily impacted by weather. My PR I did a half a month previous at 1:46 giving a predicted time around 3:45 but I had my knee wonk out and cold rain sapped my energy and I bonked so I got 4:09:44 instead. Fro the 4:15:01 race – I bonked from the heat at about the 2:15 mark and walked for an hour straight before feeling restored and starting to run again. For the Dopey Challenge / WDW Marathon in January 2015 it looks like I could have gone under 4 hours but I made close to 25 stops for pictures, etc (some with a fairly long wait) and still came in at 4:40. So as dumb as it sounds I could hit near the 4 hour mark and get a new PR. That is not what I expect but weird shit happens in marathons.

So what are my goals?

Well – honestly, to finish. Sounds hokey but with how my training has gone a DNF is possible and I will definitely have to watch myself closely so I can catch anything that might lead to an actual injury or damage. As I said, I want to take this as a training run so it will be about finishing healthy and relatively undamaged so I can focus on the next thing.

Beyond that, like I indicated above, I want to hit the half way point in close to 2 hours and then do as best as I can from there. Sub 4:30 would be glorious but sub 5:00 is more likely and should be achievable.

Really tomorrow is a bit of a crap shoot and I am going to learn things about myself I am sure. At least they aren’t predicting the drenching we got last year or blistering heat – should take weather mostly out of the equation and allow me to focus on just the running.

PS – if by some miracle I do hit a new PR, I will be signing up for a marathon in September prior to the 12 hour Lemming Loop so I can set a PR by training and not by fluke.