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10 miles in 82:57 on the treadmill in a run best described as “fugly”. Ok maybe not that bad but definitely not pretty.

Tonight’s run confirmed my suspicions from the WPS Half Marathon on Sunday. After I hit about the 6-7 mile mark, I can keep pushing but the speed just isn’t there.

I can train for that! The question is how long it will take to get back to where I was? That I just don’t know. When the Manitoba Marathon comes up on Father’s Day, I want to be back where I was a few months ago. But I don’t know if that is possible to do safely.

In my race report / after race analysis for the WPS Half Marathon I mentioned that I had been missing mid week higher intensity runs in the 9-10 mile range on the treadmill. I haven’t done a strong one of those since March 18th and they need to come back weekly.

So tonight was an attempt at that as well as a test to confirm my suspicions.

Bottom line – I need to ramp up the intensity and the total mileage to hit my goals. Good – I am better with a project than maintenance anyway.


I also had a run yesterday I tweeted but didn’t put up on the blog – 5 miles in 37:15 – a decent push with having done a half marathon race a couple days before. That run confirmed for me I can still do some speed – I just need to be able to do it longer.

4 miles in 31:58 – Testing out Hoka Bondi 3s on the treadmill – need to know if they will work for an unplanned half marathon on Sunday

Just a short run tonight to see how well my new Hoka Bondi 3s will work. More specifically I tried one run with these shoes before and had an abrasion on my ankle because of them – the run tonight was to test out a theory on how to prevent the chafing.

See the post on the abrasion linked above for more info but the fix attempt today was to use medical tape to cover the area where the abrasion was and see what happens.

As a nice surprise, it worked!

Which is good – on a whim I signed up for the Winnipeg Hypothermic Half Marathon coming up this Sunday and I want the trail soles of the Bondi to run through the ice and snow on the trails!

I really hadn’t planned to do this run but looking at the running I have been doing the past couple weeks, I realized that I need to focus and a race may be the slap I need to get things back on track. That is the hope anyway!

Damn it’s going to be cold.

8.85 miles outside – very uneven and slippery – not a fast run but felt good to get out there. Tested out some new Hokas too.

First outdoor run since the Dopey Challenge a few weeks ago. It felt good to get out and let my mind wander!

We had some major thawing yesterday and then a good freeze overnight last night. So it was pretty slippery out there and after 3 attempts to fall on my ass I decided it was time to call the run and head inside and hit the shower.

I went fairly slow and had no issues with my legs or anything like that. Still feeling pretty solid and I appear to be fully recovered from the Dopey Challenge at this point. I’m glad I came out of that in one piece.

Today I was testing out some new Hoka One One Bondi 3s that I had picked up at the Walt Disney World Marathon Expo. I hadn’t had a chance to really try them yet and I was very interested to see how they would work.

I have a pair of Hoke One One Cliftons that I love – I used them for 3 of the 4 races of the Dopey Challenge and also some of my park walking between races. I also used those for my 12 hour run (Lemming Loop) back in October. They are just a fantastic shoe for me for longer runs and I was hoping that the Bondis will be just as good or better and then I will have an alternate pair for the outdoor runs.

All in all the run with Bondis was positive – legs felt great, they have a bit better grip than the Cliftons and they did pretty good on the ice and snow as well. I did have a slight issue with rubbing near my ankle bone on my left foot – I’m not sure if that was because the shoes were too loose or just a fitting issue to my foot. The shoes have a quick tightening system that may be part of my issue – so I think I am going to switch that out to normal laces and try them again. I am feeling positive about them in general and if I can sort out that rubbing issue I will be very happy!

Feels strange now…I have no run planned for tomorrow…what am I going to do with myself?