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Wednesday is 10 weeks until Dopey Challenge travel day!

So on Wednesday it makes it 10 weeks until Dopey Challenge travel day.

I will also be going to a funeral that day.

I think that makes it time to ponder and evaluate.

For the past couple weeks I have been improving on my running – getting more than one run in a week at least. I have been going farther and trying to do some speed work as well. Beyond that I have also been exercising the dogs more and just trying to be healthier in general (eating better, drinking less Coke, etc).

This has paid some dividends. I am probably down around 5 pounds and my head has been a bit clearer.

Ten weeks is not a huge amount of time to fix where I am but I can make a good start so that I can have a good running year in 2018.

So the goal is to continue my slow progression back to some kind of running shape:

  1. Gradually increase the number of days I run per week – goal to back to 5 days a week within 5 weeks so that I can be used to the back to back running days for Dopey.
  2. Increase overall weekly mileage (shoot to get at least one 50 mile week by end of December)
  3. Increase distance of weekly long run (normally like to have 2-3 20 milers before a marathon but I will probably have to settle to have one 20 mile run done by end of December)
  4. Continue to reduce calories and eat healthier – continue with the weight loss – hard to set a goal here but if I look back at what I was doing 5 years ago at the start of this blog – 10 pounds should be a good goal and 15 could be doable.
  5. Try to stay mentally settled

Post more – writing about my workouts helps internalize my goals and highlights the progress I have made – all positive things. Goal is to get something up 2-3 times a week to start and then get back into writing a post run recap every day I run.

Not much else to say right now besides saying I have a desire to get healthier again after my slow crash over the past couple years.

Wish me luck as I rebuild…again.