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Sister blog – disney.biggoofyrunner.com

Hey there – just a quick plug for a new sister blog for biggoofyrunner.com – Disney.biggoofyrunner.com

I have been thinking about writing things lately that don’t really fit on the biggoofyrunner site and figured I would create the sub domain to try my hand at writing about other things.  So basically this main blog will be about my running and weight loss attempts and will still talk about Disney races but Disney.biggoofyrunner.com will be more about general Disney things – whether they are trip reports, toy and game reports or just general Disney discussions.

I think I will also be looking to see if I can work with my son and daughter to get them to discuss things they like about Disney – should be interesting!  Maybe the wife will get involved too?

If that goes well maybe we will start another sub site for the kids to talk about a wider variety of things from a kid’s perspective (still heavily moderated by myself of course).  That is probably getting a bit ahead of myself at this point but it is good to have an idea of a possible future expansion.