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Another lost run tonight – so far down over 47 miles in April – some kind of food reaction – swelled 7 pounds in 5 days

So yeah – after starting to getting my focus back in the last half of March, things have kind of gone to hell in April so far.

I ended up blowing off a 10 miler on the 1st because of family responsibilities but I knew I had a 5 day weekend so I figured I could easily make it up.

Then wasn’t feeling really good on Thursday (plus we did a road trip to pick up our new puppies) and lost another 5 miles there.

Friday was a bit of blur – was not feeling good and I noticed my weight starting to climb quickly from where I was Wednesday morning.

No running on Saturday either – was just wiped out and I was blaming it on getting up through the night with the new puppies – lost another chunk of miles there. Weight still climbing?

Then came Sunday – carved out some time, weather was nice outside and out I went – I didn’t know if I would get my scheduled 20 miler in but wanted to get some good miles at least…after about 2 miles I had a wicked headache and had to shut down the run. Weight was still climbing as well.

Monday – no run – felt pretty awful and quite tired still. I noticed my blood pressure must have been up too as I could feel the pressure in my head when I would bend over to pick up something off the floor. I was also out shopping with the wife and commented that it felt like I could actually feel my pants getting tighter as we walked through a store. Very strange feeling.

Tuesday (today) – woke up feeling pretty awful but it was back to work time, plus I had to take our son to running club before work – so up I got even though I was feeling really crappy. Checked my weight – and up 7 pounds since Wednesday morning!? Bloody hell. I am pretty big guy and a couple pound swing is not unusual from day to day depending on my running schedule but this is very unusual – and not particularly healthy. Felt pretty awful at work but seemed ok while at my desk in my office – but had to run up the stairs a couple times to help out a coworker and felt horrible each time. Just after lunch I was also standing having a discussion with one of my guys and I started getting chills and feeling a touch light headed. At that point I called it a day and headed home to bed.

Starting to feel a bit better tonight but have now missed another run and if I feel better tomorrow I am still unlikely to get in the full 10 miles that are scheduled. So I will most likely be missing some miles tomorrow as well.

But I do think I have figured out what the issue was – only one major diet change in the past week – I had some black licorice, not a huge amount but definitely more than I should have and it looks like I have had a reaction to it. I have now gone about 24 hours without having any and I am starting to feel better and my weight should start to normalize.

I’m glad I figured it out but that was a lot of miles to miss out on. My next race is on May 3rd so I do have time to recover and get back in the game but it will pretty unlikely at this point I will still be shooting for a new half marathon PR. I will have to see how recovery goes but I am feeling more positive to know that the crash is likely to be a temporary.

I guess there is a new lesson, or at least a lesson learned once more – watch your diet!


5 miles in 38:30 at 1% on the treadmill – not my fastest but still a strong push – 115 training miles til #goofychallenge

A good strong push tonight – wasn’t sure where it was going to go but finished realizing I could have started stronger and done even better.  That’s good to know!  Just around 115 training miles to go before Goofy Challenge in January (in just over 3 weeks!).

This is the last real tough week and as long as I can get through it strong I know I will be ready to tackle Goofy hard this time.  Interestingly in the September to January time frame last year I did just over 500 training miles for the Goofy – so far for the same period I am over 560 miles and still have 115 to go. Definitely getting in more training miles more consistently this year compared to last.

My weight is being kind of strange though – I think I have narrowed down what the issues were and have fixed a couple but still need to sort out one or two more.  Basically I added soy nuts and a bit of beef jerky as protein snacks and both caused issues for different reasons.  The soy nuts have caused me grief before with bloating and things like that so I should have known better – those are gone.  The beef jerky was more of an issue with the salt and water retention because of it – gone as well.  But I am still having a fight with getting my weight to go down and that seems to mostly be due to substituting carbs for sleep lately – tis the season but I still need to start getting to bed earlier!  At this point it is going to be a hard push to get down to 210 before Goofy but I am going to keep trying.

#trainingrun – 4 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline – not a pleasant run – September 17th, 2013 (Tuesday)

221.5 this morning and 221.5 after evening run.

Was 219.5 yesterday morning.

Basically my weight took a beating this weekend – ate out a few times and got truly ravenous Sunday night for some reason – it was brutal!  Then I ate way too much licorice yesterday and my weight took a giant leap putting me 5 pounds up compared to last Thursday when I was 216.5.

Did a short run yesterday with the wife as she wanted to try outside the run/walk/run cycles she has been doing on the treadmill.  We did 1.25 miles in about 15 minutes at her pace, learned a few things and we will give it another go soon.

Run tonight was not particularly good – was definitely feeling bloated and off when I got on the treadmill but felt decent after a quick 2.5 minute warm up at 5% incline so gave it a shot.  I started by alternating 1 minute at 7.5 mph and 1 minute at 9 mph and mostly did that for 25 minutes with 2 1 minute walking breaks.  Then finished off the last 5 minutes at 8 mph.  All in all I got the miles in but I kept catching myself cheating by holding onto the treadmill and had to keep shaking myself to get back on track.  The back of my left knee is feeling off now and I think I was running funny because of the cheating.  Going to have to shake that tendency real quick.

In the end it was a decent amount of mileage and I did do a respectable amount of time at 9 mph without any cheating so that is a good thing.

I’m going to have to watching the eating habits for the next several days – the weight jump should dwindle back down to where it should be by race day on Sunday (hopefully back to 217.5 or so).  I suspect I was ravenous on Sunday because I was running at too big a calorie deficit and my body just wanted to get some fuel back in the system but obviously I picked the wrong foods considering how I am feeling.  Definitely something to watch going forward.

Have to keep reminding myself that even though I took a step back on the weight this weekend my training is still moving forward and I haven’t actually lost any endurance or anything like that.  Need to keep my head in the game!

#Protein – feed me protein!!!

So I have found over the years and more specifically in the past year that things made with white flour do bad, bad things for my weight.  A simple bagel can spike my weight by up to 2 pounds in a single day!  While that will work itself out of my system usually over a few days, if I do those kinds of carbs every meal of the day things get nasty real quick.

Last fall when I started trying to get my weight under control for a concentrated and proper attempt at the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, I found some info (I wish I remember where I found the info so I could link it) that spoke about having a high, high protein breakfast everyday (on the order of 50 grams of protein).  I tried that and in combination with my running training the weight almost started to fly off – sometimes on the order of 2 to 2.5 pounds a week.  I dropped a 25 pounds in just a few months and had my best Goofy Challenge yet (out of 3).

After that things got a bit unfocused – I wasn’t training as hard or as focused and my breakfasts probably dropped to 40 grams of protein or so (maybe less).  I also started having less protein during the day as snacks while at work.  I did have some weight bumps but really now about 7 months later I am about another 10-12 pounds down but about 7 of those happened in the past month when I started watching my protein again and got focused on running harder.  So yay that the weight didn’t come back but I do want to get lower again.  So I have to get focused – I have just posted a new item about my running and weight loss goals (http://biggoofyrunner.com/weight-and-running-goals-time-to-revisit/) but to make those happen I have to get my protein intake back up!

So this post is to be about my plans for getting my protein back up to around 50 grams for breakfast and for sure over 100 grams for the day.  Now recommended daily intake of protein is much less than that for a male but those numbers are a minimum and are for folks of a more average size (maybe 50-60 pounds less than my current weight).  Some weight lifting and health articles I read point to something closer to a gram of protein per every 2 to 2.5 pounds (I will have to see if I can find the articles again so that I can link them here) – thus the 100 gram number I came up with.

I also don’t want to get that protein in just one meal – I want to do several small intakes through the day to keep hunger at bay and keep a steady supply in my system and make sure I don’t crash after each meal when all the blood rushes to my stomach.

To do this I will be doing a few things:

  • Very high protein breakfast – 30 grams from a protein shake, 12-15 grams from 2 scrambled or hard boiled eggs and approx. 6-8 grams from dry roasted almonds (will have to watch these due to the salt on them, raw almonds would be better but those were messing with my system so I cut them out) – gives me a total of 48-53 grams – say 50 grams on average (50 to go).  Eventually I would like to move away from using the protein shake as a crutch and maybe add bacon and milk to balance out the 30 grams but I will revisit that later.
  • Snacks for work – one serving of beef jerky (12-15 grams of protein – again will have to watch the sodium here), one serving of dry roasted almonds (6-8 grams) – this gives me another 18-23 grams of protein – average to 20 (30 to go) – I will also have a banana and an apple for fiber most of the time as well
  • Lunch for work – 4 slices of roast turkey (deli roll) rolled in lettuce (maybe) with some barbecue sauce or salsa to dip it in for more flavor.  I was finding the tortilla wraps were tasting a bit funny by the time lunch rolled around even in the fridge and in a ziplock bag so trying to avoid those now – gives the bonus of removing a bit more wheat flour from my diet.  This should give me another 14-15 grams of protein leaving about 15 grams to go.
  • The remaining 15 grams will be more than covered by supper (supper must have meat…period!) and if I am hungry later in the evening a serving of almonds would give me another 6-8 grams.

I suspect following the list above I will hit closer to 110 or 120 grams a protein a day and will have a satisfied tummy while still losing weight and having energy to hammer out the training miles.

Awesome – let’s see how it goes.

#Weight and #running goals – time to revisit

219.5 this morning when I woke up and 219 after mowing the lawn.

So this is the first time I have started a day below 220 pounds since 2005 at least and probably earlier.  I know I was in the 215-218 pound range when I met my wife in June 2002 and did my first official half marathon a couple weeks later.

In 2001 I did manage to get down to 204 with lots of walking and weights.  When I was 215 in 2002 though I was probably at my peak weight lifting level and my body fat % was probably as good as if not better than what it was when I was 204.  I suspect that if I can hit near 215 in the next couple weeks (before the half marathon on Sept 2nd?) that I will have a higher body fat % than what I was at the same weight in 2002 to as well.

This means that while about 215 is a goal weight that I have been keeping mind, I should be able to keep getting lower.  In a perfect world I would like to hit 197 and 15% body fat.  I checked my body fat % when I was at 222 and it was at 25% (this would mean that back when I started this journey I was probably around 35% body fat with the assumption that I haven’t lost any muscle mass in that time).  The 25% means that as long as I don’t lose any muscle mass while I try to get down to 197 then the 15% should be just about right for that weight.  This would awesomely correlate with having lost a total of 60 pounds from my start weight of 257 pounds.

Doing the math from 219.5 this means I still need to lose 21.5 pounds with the hanging question of “by when”.  Ideally I would like that to happen by October 19th which will be the final of the 3 back to back half marathons I am doing this fall – the WFPS half marathon.  I also want to make sure that by the end of these 3 races I have hit a new personal best on the half distance – so I have to beat 1:46:11.

October 19th is 9 weeks away starting tomorrow – approx. 2.4 pounds a week – possible but tough, requiring focus.

So how does this look?  It means that I want to be around 215 for the Sept 2nd half marathon and then continue the weight loss to be around 207-208 for the 2nd half marathon on September 22nd.  This puts me in the position to keep pushing and losing and be down to 197 for the 3rd half marathon 4 weeks later.  This is achievable as I did similar losses last year when I got focused last fall.

How do I make this happen?  Diet and exercise of course – same as any weight loss goal.  But more specifically I have to do a few things:

  • Really watch the snacks – don’t want anything going on that will cause a weight regression or a spike.  I probably won’t cut out Coke completely but I will watch my intake very closely.  This also means nothing like licorice or other candies that could cause an insulin spike on me.
  • Focus on the diet – I want to make sure I am getting enough protein so that I don’t lose any muscle mass and a high protein diet seems to be the best way for me to keep full/not be hungry, have energy and still get lots of actual taste.  For someone around my size, rough numbers from the almighty internet give me around 100 grams a day. I will write up something else shortly to describe what I am going to try to follow for diet for the next few weeks.
  • Make sure my shorter runs on the treadmill stay high intensity – longer calorie burn as the body cools down plus this will help with my speed to improve.
  • Get in lots of miles outside – long slow run training distance should be starting to get longer than a half marathon.  The run scheduled for this upcoming Sunday is slated for 13.5 miles or 3 laps around the neighborhood but I have been slowing adding to these and I will be trying to do 4 laps for sure instead or possibly 5.
  • I will be starting to look at adding in a morning run on weekdays before work – would have to do them outside and would do probably around 2 miles or so – these would not replace the higher intensity training runs on weekday evenings on the treadmill.  The idea being to try and really ramp up the metabolism here, hopefully without injuring myself – if it seems like too much then I will take this out and look at extending the treadmill runs an extra 5 to 10 minutes each night.
  • Get in the pool more – weather has been a bit cool but has now warmed up again and the forecast is for that trend to continue so I will be taking advantage of that to do as many laps and resistance exercises as I can while the weather is warm enough and before we have to shut it down for the season.
  • Start figuring out a free weight / body weight routine that I can do quickly so that it is ready to go on days that I can’t get in the pool.  This will be focused on chest, arms and shoulders most likely including chin ups, dips, pushups and then free weight dumbbells for arm curls and shoulder presses.

This will require some intensity and focus for sure but is very doable but we will see how it survives when it crashes into the activity schedules for the kids when September hits!

While doing this I am trying to keep a longer term focus on my weight loss but also focusing on getting my speed up for the first of the 3 halfs that are coming up.  Ideally I would like to hit the weight loss goals laid out up above and just catch my personal best on the half.  This would then allow me to continue to lose weight and train hard – in that way the reduced weight will help my speed while I actually get legitimately faster through training as well.  What this would then hopefully mean then is that each of the next 2 half marathons would get faster pushing my personal best even lower.  If all that were to occur it would mean that after I finished the 3rd race I would for sure be in the best shape of my adult life (at 42).

Now what would happen if I then started training for the Goofy Race and Half Challenge in January 2014 from that starting point?  I suspect I could shatter my old personal best on the full marathon (current PB is 4:15:01) as part of this event…quick check of the website and Goofy Challenge is still sitting at 96%….damn.  Decisions need to be made…

If I were to do the Goofy what would my goals be?  I would have to set a new personal best for sure – under 4 hours would seem like a requirement as well.  3:30 would be in the realm of possibility if my weight was in the right range…3:00 or 3:15 for Boston Qualifier?  That is really not likely at all but that would be 21 weeks away from this Sunday and if my weight was down and I trained extremely hard….?  But if I got to 3:30 for Goofy in January could I hit 3:00 in June for the Manitoba Marathon (at 43)?  It is all possible because my body does seem to be able to pull off some crazy things despite my size but maybe I am looking too far ahead and getting myself way too worked up – I need a closer focus right now.

…But if I hit 197 and 15% body fat for October 19th what could I expect to be for January 2014 for the Goofy?  I wouldn’t be in the pool so I suspect my weight loss would be slowed or stopped but if I could keep up the high protein diet and start focusing on weight lifting (to replace the pool) in addition to the running could I get my body fat percentage down even lower?  Would around 195 and 10% make sense?  That would mean basically losing about another 10 pounds of body fat while putting on 7 or 8 pounds of muscle…in the 12 weeks between the WFPS half and the Goofy Challenge?  Adding a pound of muscle a week is doable but takes significant focus and dedicated muscle training – not really what I am shooting for here on top of putting in hours of running training a week.  So nope – that is very unlikely – the body won’t gain that kind of muscle that quickly so maybe a more realistic goal would be to try to add ¼ pound of muscle per week for 10 of those 12 weeks (factor in taper) for a 2.5 pound muscle gain.  While doing this try to lose a few more pounds of fat (again high protein diet would be key) – if were to hit 192 then balance out the ratios and you get 11.5%.  This might be possible with dedication and focus.  After the Goofy was over I could do a more concentrated push for 10%.  All that being said 15% would still be a fantastic spot to be at….yes must have a much shorter range focus right now while understanding that hitting those goals puts me in an amazing place to push for something even more phenomenal.

Whoohoo – under 220 – now don’t screw it up Ted.