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Biggoofyrunner thoughts for 2014 – bring it on!

I have posted my year end review already but now I want to talk about my thoughts for 2014.  I won’t call them resolutions because anything I need to resolve to do I shouldn’t be waiting until the new year to start on…so let’s call them thoughts or ideas for now and some will become goals over time.

I basically have a few themes of things I need to work on and really they are pretty similar to last year:

  • Sleep – just in general I know I don’t get enough sleep and I am tired a lot of the time.  This leads to me replacing sleep with carbs.  I look for the quick energy of the carbs to push me through when I am burnt and it usually ends up being not very good carbs either that play havoc with my weight.
  • Diet – building off the theme above I need to work more on my diet.  I have not been as consistent as I should on having a good solid protein breakfast – this is a priority as is ensuring my work lunches have a good balance with fruits and proteins.  I have to do this while limiting salt and anything that can cause water retention.
  • Get my weight down / body fat percentage down.  Ideally I would like to get myself just under 200 pounds – maybe 195-197 range.  And I would like to try to balance out the running by bringing more weight lifting into the mix and settling out near 10% body fat if possible.  This would have huge benefits for my health in general and my running specifically
  • Running – this is a tough one to decide what my goals will be and a lot will depend on how well I do at Goofy in January.  If I beat my PR on the full then I will be wanting to drive even lower and things go really well would there be a potential of a BQ?  Buggered if I know right now but if I get my weight down and train very hard then maybe there is an outside chance.  Goofy will tell me more but I am thinking that 3:30 should be possible for me but 3:15 would take blinding focus.  On the more realistic side the half marathon PR of 1:46:11 still needs to fall as well.
  • Blog – I want to extend more what I do with the blog and get better with how I use it and social media.  I am constantly learning new things and will continue to try different things to see what works for me.  I also want to build up disney.biggoofyrunner.com (our sub site for Disney inspiration) – write up more stuff that isn’t specifically running related and slowly evolve into more writing about the kids and life in general.


I’m only going to get a bit deeper into the running thoughts here – the others will evolve naturally over the year as long as I work on them.  The running requires a bit more of a plan.  And for a plan I need to have some races booked or at least being looked at so I can build my training plan accordingly.  So far I only have one race book after the Goofy Challenge but I have several thoughts about other races.  I will try to go through those below and explain why I think they would help me get better.

Races for 2014:

  • Goofy Challenge in January at Disney World – already booked – this is my 4th one and should be my best yet.  This event is a big part of why I have gotten back into running.
  • WPS Half Marathon – 10th anniversary of the race and my 3rd – already signed up.  May 4th (Sunday).  It is good to have a spring run to keep me going through the winter after the Goofy is done.  I think my half PR needs to get reset on this race.  There’s some motivation.
  • Fargo Marathon? Not sure on this one but it is May 10th (Saturday) – would be an easy drive down and a good flat race and would help keep my levels higher putting me in a better position for the Manitoba in June.  Similar to what I indicated for the WPS half a spring race will keep me driving through the winter.  My motivation nosedived this past spring and I think having a marathon on the ticket earlier in the year would help prevent that from happening.
  • Manitoba Marathon – not signed up yet but expect to do it – June 15th – will be there to push hard up to the race and maybe set a new PR – If I don’t do it at Goofy in January it MUST happen on this race.  Would hope then to be going into summer is super shape and then build on that with pool resistance exercises and additional running through the summer.
  • Treherne marathon?  This one is up in the air – it is in September and with the heat through the summer I’m not sure I will be wanting to do full marathon training in that (that and I want to spend as much time in the pool with the kids as possible).  The race also has lots of back country loose gravel roads and not sure I want to do that – will depend on where my head is at after the Manitoba.  Most likely not but maybe if I need to prove something.
  • Half marathons in the fall – the 3 races I did this past fall did wonderful things for my motivation and fitness levels – would like to capitalize on that again going into Goofy training for 2015.  I will sort out the races later in the year and which ones I pick will depend on the next couple points below…
  • A fall marathon?  This might be nice – if I am really doing well it might be nice to set a new PR before going into Goofy in 2015 so that I could just enjoy that race without putting a lot of expectations on it.
  • Wine and Dine half marathon in November?  Would love to do this with the wife as a fun trip just for us – easier for us to train for and would be awesome to be in Epcot really late at night….will have to work on the wife on this one…we will have the annual passes after all…and it is within a month of our anniversary….
  • Goofy 2015 – will want to do this – 10th anniversary of the Goofy – my 5th Goofy in 2015…too many numbers easily divisible by 5.  This appeals to my OCD tendencies.  To make it worse, Goofy 2014 includes my 8th marathon, Manitoba will be my 9th and if I don’t do any more this year that would make my 10th as part of the Goofy Challenge.  Ooohh I got goosebumps thinking of all those 5s…or if I do those races and 2 more that would be 5 in 12 months…still wouldn’t qualify me for Marathon Maniacs but would be a great year.  I should stop typing this before I commit to something before I am ready…

Just a thought on mileage for the year – Google Earth shows a straight line from my house to the parking lot at Epcot at 1695 miles with the shortest road distance at 2005 miles….could I hit one of those distances in 2014?  With the right training plan it should be more than possible.  I will just have to decide which one – 1695 is definitely more realistic though.  I did 1400 this year and missed over 200 training miles and took about a total of 5-6 weeks completely off from running so 1695 is achievable for sure.

In Jan and Feb this year I basically took a few weeks off between the Goofy and when I started training for the Manitoba.  I won’t be doing that this year.  As soon as we get back from the Goofy we have 3 weeks before we go to Disney for a family trip.  That 3 weeks will be for running high speed shorter mileage runs and trying to get my weight down.  I will take a bit of a break at Disney World but we are staying at the Beach Club and I will be doing a few morning runs on the Boardwalk during that week.

Once we get back though training for the Manitoba Marathon starts…of if I am doing Fargo then I kick start the training program at about week 5.  This would certainly keep me at a higher level than dropping back to week 1.  As I write that it makes Fargo seem like an extremely good idea…will have to think more on that and see what that would actually look like from a training perspective.

In the next week or so I should be looking at posting my training plan for the first few months of the year and hopefully I can keep my motivation up.

OK – enough rambling – 2014?  Bring it on!

2013 BigGoofyRunner year in review!

Well…that about wraps it up for 2013!  It has been a bit of a doozy with lots of ups and downs but nicely everything is moving in a nice positive direction!  Basically I am heading into my 4th Goofy Challenge in the best shape I have ever been for one and seriously have the potential to bust my marathon PR of 4:15:01 that I set back in 2005 in the pre-kids time of my life.  I am also the most motivated and in the most positive head space I have ever been in going into any running race.

So with that in mind let’s look back on the year and do a bit of a review to see how things went.

I missed quite a few training miles back in the spring and early summer – mostly my motivation was in the tank but I found it again and have been able to finish the year strong while still making constant improvements.  I had 1580.75 miles planned / scheduled in 2013 including racing miles but only just hit 1400 in the end (as of New Years Eve).  Most of those missed miles were in the spring and early summer (and some in early winter when the weather turned bad and the treadmill gave up) but I managed to chew some of them back in the fall.  By the time of the Manitoba Marathon in June I was 225 behind on my miles but I made back over 65 miles between July and mid October before losing a few more in November and early December.  Even with the missed miles though I think I made steady progress right up until the treadmill died and weather outside turned sour – I regressed a bit during that period until the treadmill was fixed but I have made some of that back.

My weight has moved around a fair bit but I am ending the year down around 15 pounds from the beginning of the year and while I did not hit my goals there I am still doing very well.  All things considered I am happy with my weight but will keep pushing it down to get to my goal weight.  Considering I am down around 40 pounds from my starting weight of 257 from September 2012 – I am proud of myself here even though there is more work to do.

Races this year:

  • Walt Disney World Half Marathon – as part of my 3rd Goofy Challenge – 2:20:35 – slowed by crowds
  • Walt Disney World Full Marathon (6th full marathon) – as part of my 3rd Goofy Challenge – 5:25:54 – pretty rough heat that day
  • Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon (WPS Half) – 1:56:13 – first time since 2005 I managed to get under 2 hours on a half marathon
  • Manitoba Marathon – 7th full marathon – 4:40:07 – got pretty toasty near the end as well
  • Run for Diabetes Research Half Marathon – Winnipeg – 1:49:54 – major improvement over May.  I was ecstatic about this one – with such a major improvement over May and where I have been for quite a few years now this race really changed my mindset and motivated the hell out of me.
  • Fort Garry Rotary Half Marathon – 1:47:50 – 2 minute improvement in 3 weeks – that is pretty good!
  • Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services Half Marathon (WFPS half) – 1:47:14 – still 63 seconds off of PR of 1:46:11.  But a good improvement from the race just a few weeks previous but not as good as I would have liked.  Got into Half Fanatics at this point! – #5180 (http://www.marathonmaniacsdb.com/halffanatics/HFMyRaces.asp?hf=5180)

Getting into Half Fanatics was a bit of surprise – hadn’t really thought about it much.  I had seen people with the gear at various races but figured they were out of my league but I did manage to make it in this fall (granted at the lowest level but still in!).  Very cool.  #5180 – http://www.marathonmaniacsdb.com/halffanatics/HFMyRaces.asp?hf=5180

Also this blog is now just over a year old – first post was December 5th, 2012.  I started out using the site as more of a personal log which probably isn’t all that interesting for lots of people that would come to the site but hopefully I am improving in that respect.

I also got on Twitter this year (@biggoofyrunner) to help advertise the site more and to interact with other runDisney lovers and other running bloggers.  Without Twitter I’m not sure I would have found out about some great social media runners and been impacted by their amazing positive energy.  See the side links for links to some great sites.

So yeah – like I said at the beginning of the post – the year has had some ups and downs but for my health, my running and my weight things have generally been positive with constant and steady improvements.  This makes me feel very hopeful and full of energy going into the Goofy Challenge in January and for 2014 in general.



I will also be putting up another post shortly where I lay out some of my thoughts and ideas for 2014 and going into 2015.  Really not plans etched in stone yet but there are lots of things I would like to do in 2014 and I will lay those thoughts out in that post.

Updated my #goofychallenge #runDisney training plan page and did an analysis of my 2013 Manitoba Marathon training

My training plan page has been getting quite a few hits lately as people are starting to get excited about the 2014 Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, so I figured I should update it a bit.

It had a bunch of stuff still on it for my training for the 2013 Manitoba Marathon as well as the 2014 Goofy Challenge training information which could have been confusing to a random visitor.  To clean that up I decided to update the page and strip out the Manitoba Marathon info, put it on its own page and do an analysis on how I did for that training period similar to what I did for the Goofy Challenge 2013 training period.

So the updated training plan page is still at the same location (here), the 2013 Goofy Challenge Scheduled versus Actual analysis is here and the new page for the 2013 Manitoba Marathon is located here.

Why do I run? #rundisney #wdwmarathon #goofychallenge

On the runDisney site they have a place where you can tell them why you run and maybe they will tell your inspirational story on their site or on facebook or twitter (https://www.rundisney.com/why-do-you-run/) .  It is an interesting thing to think about – for many runners that have done more than one marathon I get the feeling it is a question they don’t ask themselves very often – they just run, it is part of who they are.  For first time long distance runners this is maybe more clear as they had to have a reason to start training for one of these events and that reason will be more in the front of their minds.

So I thought about why I run – I have completed 7 full marathons at this point – 4 of them at Disney World with 3 of those as part of a Goofy Race and a Half Challenge and when I tried to come up with why I have done what I have and why I continue to run I couldn’t come up with a quick off the cuff answer that really seemed right.  I knew at that point that I had to sit down and write out my thoughts and try to really understand my motivation – going into a 4th Goofy Race and a Half Challenge I am going to want to know the answer to this question when I am getting out of bed at 6am on a Sunday to go run in the cold and the snow for another training run.

In the end what I wrote was too long for the character limitations of the form on the runDisney site so I shortened it quite a bit for them and I would think it lost some of its depth and maybe impact as well.  Because of that I thought I would post the full extent of what I originally wrote in hopes that maybe someone will read it and get something out of it.


Why do I run?

That is a good question – it is one I have tried to answer for myself before (like while standing, freezing on the highway in snow and freezing rain waiting for the 2010 Donald Half Marathon to start), but the answers I have come up with before always seem to be missing something.

Some of the recurring answers that always pop to mind are things like:

Lose weight / get in better shape – that is one of the reasons I did originally start running several years ago, to augment the weight lifting I was doing, but it really doesn’t explain why I keep doing marathons and Goofy Challenges.

The competition – I do find I run faster on race day for sure, but I learned long ago that with weight training and long distance running, it isn’t about what the other guy can do but what you did this week, versus the last.

Goal setting and finishing what I started – there is something there – I am a bit of a planner and I love seeing the plan through and making it happen but I could get that same satisfaction out of planning and executing things that take less time and effort as well.

Because it surprises people or they don’t think I can do it – I don’t like to be underestimated so I am sure there is ego that plays into this.  And frankly my running does surprise people – 6’2” and anywhere between 215 and 260 pounds depending on what marathon or race I was running at the time.  But again there are easier ways to surprise people than running marathons and the desire to surprise someone isn’t likely to drive you to run 26.2 or 39.3 miles more than once.

To see how much better I can get –  This will be in there for sure but I don’t think that truly captures where I am mentally when I run or when I am getting myself psyched up to do a long training session.

Family – the extra energy I have now that I have lost around 40 pounds and showing the kids a better role model and showing the importance of exercise is massive but is it what drives me?  It isn’t why I got into running in the first place as I hadn’t even met my wife when I started training for my first race but it is part of what keeps me going now.  But I’m not sure just showing the significant benefits of exercise to the family is the whole picture either.

Don’t limit yourselfthis is huge – and it’s not just an ego thing like just seeing how much better I can be or if I did better than person X, this is something internal.  Most of us have some kind of limits placed on us whether it is by our jobs or other people but I think I have finally come to understand that the worst limits placed on us we put on ourselves.  And I want to bust through those mental barriers.

I have battled a weight problem on and off for years and had it mostly tackled a few years back before I met my wife and we had kids but as time progressed and the lack of sleep accumulated the weight issue came back.  I kept running trying to get the weight to come off and in that period I ran the Disney World full marathon in 2008 and the Goofy Challenge in 2010 and 2012 but never really accomplished my goals with those races.  That is the training never really led to weight loss and I was very frustrated with my lack of progress.

So when my wife and I finally decided I should try the 2013 Goofy Challenge I knew something had to change.  So I looked again at everything I had been doing and realized that I was just going through the motions – I wasn’t properly training or really focusing on what I should be doing and just in general not respecting the distance or myself the way I should.

This is when it finally clicked for me that I was the one placing the limits on the running and progress I should have been making.  At that point the marathon training really started to click and the weight loss started to occur.  And I have been able to continue that – since the 2013 Goofy Challenge I have continued to improve and gotten my half and full marathon times (and weight too) down to the rough neighborhood of where they were about a decade ago.  At this point I think most would wind down and not keep putting themselves through the training but I keep going because stopping feels like I would be limiting myself (not that I’m not tempted some days).

I was hesitant about doing the 2014 Goofy Challenge as well as it might have been a bit better financially to take a year break from it but that also felt like I would be limiting myself – mostly because it would be almost a year between full marathons (last was Manitoba Marathon in June 2013 and next planned would be June 2014)and it would be too easy to get complacent and limit myself again.

So if you combine all the above, what I get is a way to show my kids, even though I have never won a race in my life and I am unlikely to ever do so, I still keep going because quite frankly I want to and I won’t let my ego or internal doubt tell me I shouldn’t.

And I think that is why I started blogging about my training and weight loss at here biggoofyrunner.com – I wanted to remind myself of how far I have come, how I have gotten past barriers that I had placed before and that I have goals I am shooting for.  The blog then becomes a way for me to show my kids that I do what I do for a reason and that if they work hard and keep their goals in mind they can too and that sometimes to reach your goals it takes time.  In the end, the blog also allows me to share that thought and my progress with others and if anyone hits my site looking for some inspiration to break out of a rut maybe they will find it and break through their own barriers.

So with just a bit less than 4 months to go to the next Goofy Challenge I am down 35-40 pounds from my weight for the 2012 Goofy Challenge and my full marathon time is down about an hour and half as well.

Looking forward to see what barriers I breach for the 2014 Goofy Challenge.

#trainingrun – 7.5 miles in 60 minutes at 1% incline – solid run – and 200th post on the blog! – Sept 18th, 2013 (Wednesday)

219.5 when I woke up and 217.5 after the evening run.

Weight seems to be correcting after the damage I did over the weekend.

Before the run tonight I got in the pool with the wife and kids for an hour – probably one of the last times we will be using the pool this season judging by the long term weather forecast so wanted to take advantage of the weather while we could.  I was worried about maybe draining my energy too much but I got on treadmill after the kids went to bed and there didn’t seem to be an issue in the end.

Run felt much better than yesterday – still did not feel the greatest but that didn’t show in the speed or miles so I will take it.

I started with a short warm up walking at 5% incline for 2.5 minutes for 0.16 miles.

After yesterday’s run I figured I wanted to go out hard and if I had any of the same issues as yesterday I would be ready to push through them.  I hit 2 miles at about 14:40 and 4 miles at 29:45 even with a couple minutes of walking thrown in.  In the first 30 minutes I spent most of my time alternating between 1 minute at 8 mph and 1 minute 9 mph but did do a couple 2 minute stretches at 9.  Second half hour had 3 minutes of walking and long stretches at 7.5 mph and 8 mph.  The treadmill breaker tripped out on me at around 56:30 so once I reset it I got back on and did another 3.5 minutes but I don’t know the exact distance I did – I am very sure that I actually did well over 7.5 but I am going to say 7.5 to be conservative.

I also had to stop at around the 35 minute mark quickly to grab a different set of headphones – the set I was using had built in volume control and apparently when it gets a little too sweaty it decides to lower the volume down to 0.  I grabbed one set and then realized the cord was too short and then had to grab another crappy set I had laying around and they weren’t capable of much volume but I dealt with it to get the miles done but I am going to have to go headphone shopping tomorrow I think.  That makes 2 busted sets of headphones in the past couple weeks – lost signal in one ear on another good set about a week ago (I think I have caught the cord one too many times).  So time for new headphones…either that or I am going to have to borrow a set of my kids’ Perry the Platypus headphones…hmm tempting!

And apparently this is post 200 on the blog!  That is a surprising amount of typing frankly.  I’m not sure I expected to do this as long as I have or put up as many posts as I have but it does seem to help keep me motivated.  Considering that was the reason I started writing down my training and weight loss thoughts last year, I guess I will just have to keep going!