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Weekly weigh in – most of the week went well but some issues in the past 2 days

So a week into my renewed attempts to get my weight moving in the right direction I really haven’t made progress.

As of this morning I was actually at the same weight or higher than what I was a week ago…but that doesn’t really tell the whole story.  Yesterday morning I was 2 pounds down from a week ago but this morning I was 2.5 pounds heavier than yesterday!?

Now I didn’t run yesterday but I didn’t go crazy and do some crazy eating or anything like that yesterday to get that large a weight jump.  In fact I ate pretty healthy yesterday.

So what is going on?

Well, I felt bloated most of the day yesterday and that never seemed to go away and then it go a lot worse today.  I think I can trace it to having an apple yesterday and one today.  I did some hunting around the net and it seems like what can happen is the the water soluble fiber in the apples can have some issues in the intestines causing bloating, etc.  I also find I drink a fair bit of water at work to avoid coffee and Coke and on days I eat apples I seem to retain some extra water too.

Last week we didn’t have any apples at home so I didn’t take any to work with me and the training and diet did bring my weight down a couple pounds.  I also didn’t have any apples over the weekend. So that tells me my diet plan is probably working but the apple yesterday and today might have derailed me.  That also tells me that the bloat is not real weight gain and it should pass (in more way than one I guess).

My plan will be to skip putting an apple in my lunch over the next couple days to see if my system starts to sort itself out or not.  If it doesn’t there is something else I did over the last couple days that caused the issues and I will have to find out what that could be besides the apples.

I will continue experimenting!