So after finally deciding on a training schedule, I go out and break it 8 hours later….4.45 miles in 37:36 outside

With the cooler temperatures outside today (and this evening) and the smoke haze lifted from the air, I decided that I needed to do at least a short run outside tonight.

My new decided upon game plan / training plan for the Lemming Loop in October has me not running until tomorrow. So 8 hours into my new schedule I have already gone off the plan. As long as going off the plan means doing more miles and feeling good then I am ok with that – if it means less miles then I won’t be so happy.

The sky tonight was actually blue and not the reddish haze that it has been lately from the northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan forest fires. It felt good just to get out there!

Between the better air and reduced heat, I was able to push a lot harder tonight without it seeming like I was stretching. In the end I did one lap around the neighborhood for 4.45 miles in 37:36 – about 5 minutes faster than the fastest lap I did on the weekend in the heat and humidity. When I was at a resting speed tonight I was still faster than my pushing hard speed on the weekend. It looks like heat is having an even greater impact on me that I remember from the last few summers. That is at least partially due to not being at the level I was last year, but solid training will get me back there.

A good confidence booster tonight!

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