Slow and hot run – air was thick like soup!

I woke up this morning, looked outside and saw that it had rained overnight and hoped it meant it would be cool and a longer run could be done.

…then I checked the actual temperature…yeah the rain did nothing for the heat. 23C (73.4F) feeling like 30C (86F) at 9 am? Ouch.

So instead of running the dogs like I had hoped, I walked them for 0.85 miles and even with an easy walk I could tell the heat was already taking them down. 

After getting them home, I grabbed a bottle of water, put my shoes back on and went out for my run with the idea to either do 2 miles or 4.5 depending on how the heat felt. I realized about a 1/4 mile in that I put down the water bottle when I put my shoes on and didn’t pick it back up. I took stock of the heat and decided on a short 2 miles just to be safe. I am not in the shape I used to be in and going to hard and far in the heat when I am not used to it is asking for trouble.

After the run I got straight in the pool to cool my body temperatures down before having a shower.

I am now assessing my plans for the rest of the day that included lots of outdoor work – I think that work gets pushed to tomorrow at this point! One of the items I needed to do was to move the hot water tank I replaced on Friday to the recycle depot at the dump – that does not sound (or smell probably) like a pleasant experience today.

I had also thought about taking the dogs to the off leash dog park today with the kids but I am thinking that isn’t wise either.

Looks like a swimming day!

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