Signed up for WPS Half (2nd wave) and Manitoba Marathon

So signed up for the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon this morning and the Manitoba Marathon full as well.

For the WPS Half they have 2 waves that you can choose between and sign up for your specific choice.  This is the first year they have done this so I wanted to avoid any confusion and run the first wave.  WPS uses the Running Room race registration site which works pretty well – one complaint is that there was no indication that the first wave was already fully registered until I went to register.  There was room in the second wave and I registered for that but it would have been nice to have indication that the first wave was full on the main registration page or the WPS Half Marathon site.  Really a minor complaint but being a bit paranoid I worry that it might show that I should be a little worried about the organization for the event going into the new things they are trying.  Fingers crossed.

For the Manitoba Marathon – registration is taken care of through who Disney uses for their races so I am fairly familiar with their processes and things work smoothly.

I am vaguely worried as to how both these races will go – training is one thing but that should take care of itself over time – I haven’t run either of them in about 6-7 years so I really don’t know what to expect organizationally wise and I will have to figure out things like parking, etc that I haven’t had to worry about with the Disney races I have been doing.  But at least one positive is I won’t have to be getting up at 2:30 for these races….

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