Sept 9, 2012 (Sunday) – post 2 – about my weight

The following is cleaned up info from some of the info I started to write to motivate myself when I signed up to do the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in Jan 2012 – I also have kind of added comments to myself now that I am looking back at things and have a different perspective:

About my weight – I have been in the 253 – 260 lb range for many years – I was 250 for the Disney marathon in 2008 and about 255 for the goofy in 2010 and then again the same 255 for the January 2012 goofy. My weight seems to fluctuate wildly without any single reason being the obvious cause of the fluctuation. I do still drink soft drinks but even if I don’t for several days or even weeks at a time there doesn’t seem to be a noticeable change in my weight – they are empty calories and should be reduced but it doesn’t seem to be my real problem. I was 260 this morning and my calve muscles felt thick – this was an increase of 2 pounds from yesterday even though I ran 3 miles yesterday (Saturday). I also walked to/from work on Friday and my weight went up 1.5 pounds from Thursday. So basically I walked 3 miles on Friday and ran 3 miles on Saturday and my weight went up 3.5 pounds. Near as I can figure I had an insulin spike from snacks on Friday night and on Saturday – these were about the only things out of the ordinary lately that I can think of that might contribute to the big weight gain out of nowhere.

I will have to keep a watch on my sugar and quick carb intake – bagels are definitely bad for me and the easily digested sugar and fat aren’t very good either. So my intention is to keep walking to work and try to run daily on the treadmill – if I can keep a lid on the sugar and easy carbs this should result in weight loss. I would like to come down to 250 quickly (to help with the running) and then work away to get down to 240 (by the end of September?). I would then continue to push hard for weight loss in October while I can still walk to work – dropping another 20 pounds in October would be great. For November the walking to work will probably be done due to the cold and I won’t be able to diet too well as I will need to ensure I am fueled for the long runs that should be in the plan for that month (hard to diet and long distance run at the same time) – a 5-10 pound drop in November would be great. December should be about balancing – there is always lots of food and calories in December but there should also be many longer runs (tapering off right at the end of the month). All told I would like to be 210 at the end of December (I was about 215 when I met my wife Heather) but more realistically I would be very happy to be around 225-230 for the Disney marathon weekend.

Editorial comment – the weight loss is definitely occurring – should probably be very close to the 230 mark or so for the Disney marathon weekend as long as I don’t royally mess up over the holiday period.

I will probably talk about what I am doing to get the weight loss to stick in another post but basically I am doing a high protein breakfast every day – mostly consisting of a protein shake and a couple hard boiled eggs – the protein seems to take longer to digest and while I do get hungry during the day I don’t feel the need to snack as long as I have a couple pieces of fruit during the work day and a small wrap at lunch. It seems to be working and even with the weight loss I seem to have the energy to run…which helps things out further.

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