Race pace run tonight – 8 miles in 64 minutes at 1% incline – was a bit rough but no aches or pains – solid run

Run tonight was scheduled at 8 miles and I wanted to try it at near abouts a race pace of 7.5 mph average – and I hit that in the end.  It took some work but I pulled it off.  Most of the running was at 8 mph with the longest stretch being 9 minutes.  I also did 5 minutes of walking and the rest was a balance of 7.2 or 7.5 mph.

I also started with a quick 2.5 minute warm up for 0.16 miles to get the legs stretched out before the actual run.

I think I figured out an issue I have been having with the treadmill over the last month or so – after about 15-20 minutes of running the belt starts to wander to one side.  I would have to get out and adjust the tension and it would start to wander again a few minutes later.  But I think I figured out what was going on – the treadmill wasn’t quite square to the corner it is situated in.  Basically there is a wall to my left while running and one to the front where I have a computer monitor on the wall to watch shows or marathon videos while while I run.  With the treadmill not being quite square I realized I was not running quite straight on the deck causing it to be pushed to one side while I run.  I did a quick adjustment to get it closer and it seems to be pretty good now.  I will have to see how it goes tomorrow – hopefully when it is cooled off it doesn’t zing off in the other direction costing me a new belt….I guess we will see tomorrow.

Weight this morning was down to 218.5 and 217.5 after supper and the run tonight.  I think I am back on track but time will tell.

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