Race countdown – 4 days today – Run for Diabetes Research

Picked up my race packet tonight for the Cash Store Financial Freedom Run for Diabetes Research Half Marathon (that’s a mouthful) – race is Monday morning at 8 am – coming up fast.

It should be an interesting race – it appears to be a 2 lap run with the 2 laps being about 10% different from each other – should be a nice – first race in years I am going to need to carry a map!

So far the forecast is for it to be cool in the morning so I shouldn’t have to worry about heat like I was concerned might be an issue.  One less variable to mess with the mind.

Package pick up was a bit disorganized compared to some other races I have done but not too horrible – although I was surprised that they didn’t have my size for the race shirt considering the website said my size was one of the options.  A bit of disappointment there and hopefully this little mix up doesn’t indicate potential organizational issues on race day.

Anyway – tonight’s run was either my last or 2nd last before the race – it was a nice solid run and I will probably do a short one outside on Sunday as well but won’t sweat it if it doesn’t happen.

Looking forward to the race to see how I have improved and to see how much further I need to go!

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