Ok – trying to build up motivation to run hard again! Signed up for Lemming Loop 12 hour run in October

Well – with the Dopey Challenge completed and run well in January, I am finding that my motivation to train is kind of gone. I have always been better at hitting a goal than maintaining.

I will be pushing to hit hard in the WPS Half Marathon in early May – so that is a speed goal but I need something to make me want to go long too. Manitoba Marathon is a maybe but if I don’t hit my speed goals for the WPS Half then I want to use the half at the Manitoba Marathon as a backup.

That leaves the Lemming Loop in October in my mind (race is run by Trail Run Manitoba and takes place at the Living Prairie Museum here in Winnipeg – very well run race and super facility) – last year I did 49.2785 miles in 12 hours after really only training to do 50k (which I hit in about 6 hours)…and it has been hovering in my mind for a while wondering what I could do if I trained longer and harder. So goal is definitely is to break 50 miles – I’ll leave that as the goal right now and see how training progresses and maybe I will increase that further.

I thought long and hard about the 24 hour race as well…but I am just not ready to pull the trigger on that yet. If I meet my goals then maybe I will go for it in 2016…

Now…time to revisit my training schedule….

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