Official time – Run for Diabetes Research half marathon – 1:49:54 – best since 2002 – 2nd best ever

Just 3 minutes 43 seconds off of my personal best – now my personal best was in 2002 and I was 8 pounds lighter than I was Monday morning – so even though I did not catch my personal best it was definitely a victory on my path to getting back in shape.

I was 223 when I woke up the morning of the race and 220.5 when I finished and then 222.5 this morning.

I did have a 30 minute training run planned for tonight but decided to give it a pass to rest my legs a bit after the hard push yesterday.  I will give an extra push tomorrow on the treadmill to get some of the miles back and continue training.

Next race is September 22nd (just under 3 weeks) – my goal is to push the weight down over the next few weeks and keep pushing the speed training.  I want to be faster again on that race – based on how I felt during this race it should be possible with some weight down, the right circumstances and the right attitude.

After that I have another race on October 19th (just under 7 weeks from now) – I need to keep pushing the weight down and train hard for this one – the ultimate goal is to hammer past my personal best (1:46:11 – 2002) with this race.

This means I have to get 30-35 seconds faster each week – even a 2 pound weight loss per week would probably get me there or close – so I think this is achievable – but will mean I need to work my ass off and get my weight under control.

There will conflicts between life and training with the kids getting back in school and all of their activities but I will find a way.  Breaking my personal best on the half will be a fitting final paragraph for the chapter I started in September last year – then it will be time to figure out what the next chapter is.

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