Oct 17, 2012 (Wednesday)

252 this morning 249.5 after the run

So far so good for the week – just over 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday and 7 miles on the treadmill today (today 7 miles in 1:04:24 – pretty phenomenal speed all things considered – definitely some cheating by holding on to the treadmill bars and by occasionally leaning on the machine – but less leaning than I would have figured and cardio and leg wise I feel pretty good).

I think the secret of today is motivation – I watched several Disney marathon videos (including the ones from hoedlshaven discussed in the previous post) – this seems to have gotten me squared away and the 7 miles didn’t seem that hard. The nice thing is that should pay dividends doing 3 miles tomorrow (it should take little motivation to get on the treadmill).

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